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How the HELL do singers get a record deal when there crap!!?

How the HELL do singers get a record deal when there crap!! they use the backing on there voice but how the hell do they do it?


thank you for posting a good answer...... Its pretty unfair if you ask me i mean i think every one wants to make it. but how the hell do they do it :S

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    they know people who know people. like miley cyrus, she wouldn't even BE on disney channel playing hannah montana if her dad didn't help her!

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    Lol, properly, before everything, congratulations for writing the longest description for a question I even have ever seen at Yahoo solutions. I additionally might desire to admit I only examine the 1st few lines of your very long rant. unlike i might desire to, I completely hate Jennifer Nettles voice, and that i incredibly have self assurance Sugarland's song to be hyped and hyped up. no one, no person in any respect, has the uncanny skill to tension me stressful only with the aid of listening to her making a music like she does. every time I pay attention "caught Like Glue" and the impossibly stressful reggae section (rather that vomit inducing "only a spoon finished o' sugar make it extra advantageous genuine rapid" i've got self assurance like pulling my hair. confident, i actually hate pretend singers like Taylor fast; yet Sugarland makes my blood boil with a keenness no one else can tournament.

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    i wanna know the same thing, it's like any one can just walk into a music studio sing a song that they haven't even written, and use a bunch of machines to make their voice smoother and then make millions. it takes no talent and its really annoying.

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    They're called boobs Bryan. That's a good question though...

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    I agree 100%. Rihanna is GARBAGE.

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