My wife will file for divorce on Sept 1st, how long until I have to legally move out of the house?

I feel like I should get to stay here and build up my income because it's my residence as well. Anyone know Missouri Law?

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    1 decade ago
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    You don't say whether there are any children involved, if so it is the only right thing to do is find somewhere else to live, so the children can still stay in there home. The law here says that once someone files for divorce you both need to work on the property settlement. It says nothing about who lives where or anything like that. Usually, once she get a lawyer he will petition the judge for you to vacate the property until at time the divorce is settled.

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    1 decade ago

    You actually don't have to move out until a judge makes a judgement on your court case. If the house is 50/50 than you don't legally have to leave.

    Most men just don't want to put up with the woman so they leave. If you want more rights and a say over the divorce. I would STRONGLY suggest you be the first person to file for the divorce. You will be able to have more say over what terms are set if you are the first one to the game.

    If you can't afford an attorney. You can file with a "document service" for a fraction of the cost. Just looke it up in the yellow pages near you.

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