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Which is the best type of printers inkjet, laser, led-lcd, impact, solid ink, dye sublimation?

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    It depends on your need and your volume. Lasers have sharper text and are generally faster than inkjets. While toner cartridges are more expensive, they print more pages, so the cost per page is lower. But you pay more up front. Inkjets are better for photos and cheaper for low volume. Personally, I use both. I have an inkjet for photos, a color laser for high volume color jobs and a black laser for regular text. I use the black laser most often.

    You can get a pretty good Samsung color laser for $150 or a really good color laser today for about $300. A set of 4 cartridges for the Samsung is under $100. Toner cartridges for the other are about $200 but they last for about 10,000 pages. You can also get refills for about $50 on ebay.

    As for inkjets: as someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (though I rarely sold printers since I couldn't compete with the crazy rebates) I have always recommended Epson. The print quality is excellent, even on plain paper. I have photos I printed on a 640 about ten years ago hanging in my office which still look good, though not as good as the ones from the CX8400 on glossy paper. The warranty is excellent. For a year, Epson will express-ship a replacement and pick up the old one. I had one customer who needed this. He called one afternoon and had the replacement two days later. Another client bought a Canon. It needed two repairs within a few months. Each time it was taken to the repair center, then picked up a few days later. This client runs a specialty printing business and this really hurt. They have since bought an Epson CX5000 and have had no down time since.

    All name brand ink is expensive, but you can get cheap new replacement cartridges for Epson (not refills which I never recommend) for under $5 at

    The CX8400 scanner/copier/printer was on sale at for $60 with free shipping. It uses 3 colors plus black.

    The RX595 scanner/copier/printer also prints on DVDs. It uses 5 colors plus black and has even higher photo quality. It's on sale at for $80 after $55 instant rebate.

    If all you want to do is print text, then get a black laser printer which you can find for $50 after rebate.

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    Laser printers have greater determination and hence extra advantageous print high quality. Inkjet printers create pictures by using spitting out tiny drops of ink, so their determination is comparatively decrease. So laser prints have smoother edges to the fonts as adverse to inkjet prints. Inkjets are low cost colour printing. some new inkjets grant astounding colour readability and brightness, and are alright suitable for printing pictures. additionally, inkjets are often a lot extra cost-effective than lasers, and colour inkjets are plenty extra cost-effective than colour laser printers. at the same time as inkjet printers themselves are extra cost-effective, their ink is plenty extra high priced. Ink cartridges ought to be replaced very frequently in case you print plenty, and exceptionally once you're printing pictures, and ink cartridges are no longer low cost. on the different hand, toner for laser printers is expensive, yet will hardly ought to be replaced. once you're utilising a laser at living house, you could in no way ought to alter the toner. All in all, each printer has its function. Inkjets are super for constrained living house use and for photograph printing. Lasers are solid for top-volume purposes, like workplaces, or for purposes that choose extremely extreme print high quality.

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    it depends on what you want a printer for and how much you want to pay

    The best is the solid wax but boy you have to pay for it.

    B&W or colour the laser and if you can afford it

    Inkjet this depends on ink prices

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