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Can i use whey protien isoclate as a breakfast replacement??

I am in the process of trying to tone up but nothing mega just some all around muscle increase with some fat decrease. I skip breakfast everyday as i cant eat in the morning and throw up if i try. I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be a good idea to have a whey protien isoclate shake in place of breakfast. 1) It would fill me up, and 2) its Still low calorie (165 per serving). The extra protien would help and it would mean i wouldn't stuff my face because im so hungry when i do actually eat.

All the other meal replacements I have found are just pure sugar and only an annoyance to my body. And I cant even eat fruit in the morning.

Would it make me gain weight at all? well i know im going to gain weight as i am trying to increase my bodies muscle mass but i wont get fat or anything right?

So good idea?

thanks for any help

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    You just haven't found the right supplement company yet. An MRP would be much better than using whey. Proetein is a lousy energy source for the body (of course it i better than nothing) Breakfast is like a free time. That's when you should get much of your calories without worrying it will be stored as fat. Dide, you need a TON of calories to really put on mass. You cannot calorie cut and expect to gain size at the same time. Maybe a couple of months for a noob trainer but then you have to pick.. fat loss or muscle gain.

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