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Have you found Jesus?

If so, describe the experience.

Was it visual, what did he look like?

Aurul? Did he have an accent?

Kinesthetic? What did you feel?

Did he introduce himself as Jesus, or did you just know?

If you belong to another religion, feel free to describe any personal encounter with your deity.


Not talking about my god here, as I don't have one. Like I said, if your deity is different, explain your experience instead. Funny answers welcome, but 10 points will go to a sincere answer to the question. So christians, earn some points!

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    I felt I had a personal relationship with him. I felt his presence when I was confused or felt without hope. When I was in a moral dilemma, if I turned to him in my mind, I would sense him there, guiding me silently.

    It wasn't visual or aural, but a "feeling."

    I've since become an Atheist and discovered that a great many different religions feel the same comforting guiding "being." And some godless ones feel it too. Turns out that the human mind is capable of many things.

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    I have found him and so did Muhammed SAW he is in heaven under a tree, sleeping.. Body and soul behind gates he can't here you and nor do you need to hear him.

    The one that created him is watching over him adn the one that created you is watching over you.

    The creator cannot be created.

    Jesus was a man, he left and he is now in heaven with the rest of the prophets.

    Your brother Jesus came to help you, less you all forget!

    Source(s): He prayed like a Muslim TO ONE GOD! Spiderman
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    Jesus found me. It was not a visual experience, per se, but He did make His presence known. I felt peaceful and excited.

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    You may think I am lying, but I found god through him finding me, in a vision.

    I do not worship god in any form like Islam, Christianity or Judaism. I worship god in the way that is best for me,the unfiltered way.

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    hi bob z,im a muslim and according to me i beleive jesus("isa"peace be upon him)was one of the messengers of allah

    i dont understand please dont take it as any personal grudges but how can a god talk or how can u make certain postures and assume that he is ur god!i beleive this is not the answerfor ur question but still this was my opinion according to the Q u asked..........cheers

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    He works at 7-11 and sells cigs to minors.

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    Yes, in the title of your question.

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    I have not yet found Jesus

    Source(s): Agnostic
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    He was between the seat cushions on my couch.

  • No. I didn't know he was lost again.

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