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Is it okay if I'm 14 and I shave my pubic hair????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i've been doing it once in a while like ever since i was being completely serious.....

but now i'm 14 and i've started doing it regularly. like once every 3 this bad? is it weird?

do other 14 year old girls shave their pubic hair?

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    It's fine. I think I started around when I was 13 or 14. I don't see why you would think it's bad. It's your body, do what you want.

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    You can if you want to I started shaving my "Lady Graden" at 16 and after the first time it never itched again. However you don't do it for a guy you do it for hygiene. Also if your 14 you should wait a little longer to fool around with boys.

  •'re only 14, you do not need to be worried about making your "pubic" look hair-less. Its really odd that at your age you are doing this, it seems as if you are obsessed with it. Is it bad???...well, its not normal, so yes, its very weird, but its your body and you're in charge, however, you should really read up on why we have it there in the first place.

    Hope this helps.

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    hi,im almost fifteen and yes.

    all girls should shave their pubic hair.

    especially if you like have a huge bush and changing in front of other girls only gives you more reason to.girls start stuff to be mean,all the girls i know shave and the ones who dont constantly get made fun of.its totally normal so dont even worry about it.

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    i myself have always from a young age shave my pubic hairs as i feel it is most hygienic to do so , some girls do some girls don't but which ever do its a personal thing 4 u to choice n not get en barest by doing so.

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    i started shaving at that age. its perfectly normal. some girls dont mind pubic hair and some girls cant stand it and it makes them feels incomfortable. at this age every girl should start shaving before they wear a bikini if their hair is noticable. some girls shave because their sexually active and dont wont to be hairy around their guy.

  • I think its your choice do what ever make you feel comfortable..i think 2 out of 10 girls shave their pubic hair.

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    Shave it Wax it but DO NOT PUT ANY CREAM!!!

    people have ended up in the ER with an embarressing situation after applying hair removal cream.

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    Well, i don't think it's weird. If you shave your legs why not shave your pubes? I'm a horseback rider, so i started shaving when i was 14 to cut down on chafing.

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    i'd recommend hair removal cream instead just because it grows back less poky and you have a less chance of cutting yourself "down under."

    and yeah, it's normal for girls your age to do this i wouldn't do it so often though or it'll grow back really thick and poky.

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