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What are some tips to make sure my baby's legs are spread so I can see if its a boy or girl for the U/S?

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    Drink some OJ beforehand. It's healthier than say soda or chocolate but still can give your baby a "sugar rush". In the end, though, it's just going to depend on how well your little one wants to cooperate!

  • i never heard anything of getting the babies legs to spread, but i've heard people tell me to eat something with sugar (like candy) that will make the baby move more so you can see something. i've never personally tried it or actually know anyone who has. someone i worked with at the time told me to do that because i was worried about not being able to tell the sex of my baby...a friend of mine didn't find out what she was having until she was 8 months because the baby had its legs crossed. i was lucky and my baby boy was wide open and there was no doubt that was a boy. good luck!

    Source(s): mommy of a 15 month old and 11 wks preg with #2
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    There's nothing you can do to make your baby spread it's legs for the u/s. I would, however, advise AGAINST eating or drinking before your appointment. I heard that juice and/or snacks beforehand would help, and let me tell you, it didn't go easy! He was moving so much it took 45 minutes to get all the measurements because the poor tech couldn't get any still shots, we were lucky to barely get a glimpse and see it's a boy, and my ultrasound pictures, well, they're pretty much non existent. Hard to get a picture when it won't hold still! If it's meant for you to know, then you will be able to find out.

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    I heard that if you drink some orange juice or eat something sugar when you eat breakfast it'll get the baby moving around in there.

    but Im looking for the same advice, I go in for my ultrasound on the 5th and am really looking forward to finding out if Im having a boy or girl.

    Good luck!

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    Do what I did...drink a Coke and eat two bowls of Fruity Pebbles...the baby will be swimming around in there. My daughter was doing flips and moving so much there was no doubt what she was. My first son had his legs closed so tight the doctor pushed on my stomach a little bit and got him to move and then we found out! The doctor will be able to move the baby around from the outside, so don't worry too much about it.

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    Schedule an apt. at a time you know the baby moves and is awake.After lunch is good too,be sure to eat and drink foods with alot of sugar. Grape juice is great. It really is important to drink ALL the water they tell you to drink before the ultrasound. I usually wait untill i know all appointments are on schedule or you may not be able to hold your urine for longer!

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    You can't. But, my doctor always said to drink alot before going because with a full bladder it puts pressure on the baby. Most ultra sound tecs can find it, but there is no sure way.

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    Nothing you can do to be sure. Just drink lots of water or maybe a glass of OJ to get the baby to be awake.

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    There's no guarantee. At my ultrasound the baby's legs were crossed. They had me get up and jump around a bit and move around, but it didn't work.

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    Yes drink something with sugar, just don't overdue it. Also coughing really helps to move the baby around.

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