Longboard HELP!?

Hey, I want to start to longboard. Just cruise around town with it. I'm not good at skateboarding, but I heard longboards are a little easier. I want a sector 9 but I dont know what size to get. I want to get the easiest one to ride.

I'm 5'1 and 100 lbs. if that helps any.

Thank you!

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't longboard, but I skateboard. I'm planning on getting a longboard in a few days, so I did some research, and have a pretty good idea on what I want. I heard Sector 9 made a mean longboard, so yeah, I'm getting one also. I'm getting mine at a skate shop, so I can't really know which one I'm getting for sure until I see what the shop has. For sharp turns, you want to get a shorter, smalley board. It has a smaller turning radius, so turning should be easy. Now, for cruising, you want to get a longer board. Turning requires alittle more force, but it should still be no problem, depending on your terrain. I don't know if you're ordering from the internet, but even if you're not, here's some good sizes and models for you:

    Sector 9 Joel Tudor Platinum Series Longboard Complete - 8.75 x 38.3 (Red)

    Sector 9 Pintail 420 Carving Series Longboard Complete - 8.75 x 47.75

    Sector 9 Luke Nosewalker Complete - 11 X 55 C94 New

    You can get these at http://www.blackholeboards.com/

    I hope I helped, email me at stephen@basis4.com if you have anymore questions :D

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