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Bush and the GOP led congress had six years of control. Why are the borders still open?

Why is the economy in shambles?

Why is the mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden, still loose?

Why has the Dem led congress (Pelosi/Reid) betrayed this nation as well?

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    Sheesh. One question at a time.

    The border thing eats me up. Every time it would seem to come to a head, the news would report it up and then... nothing!

    I'm sure there have been some backroom deals going on with employers or something.

    At least I hear they are building walls, doing a better job at patrolling the border and at policing employers with roles full of illegal workers but it's a far cry from what needs to be done.

    I guess neither one wants to be the bad guy even though it's the right thing to do for the country.

    I'm surprised that Bush didn't do something because he of all people doesn't seem to be worried about his popularity. There must have been some heavy pressure from the GOP to let it slide.

    Economy: Look up credit crisis.

    Bin Laden: Look up Pakistan border problem.

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    Why are the borders still open?

    Cheap labor.

    Say, as a business owner would you prefer to pay your worker, an illegal, below minimum wage, without any benefits, or can't complain about the workload you putting on him ?

    or as opposed to a legal worker who whines and moans, paid benefits and all the good stuffs you have to pay.

    Business need cheap, borderline slavery, labor that's one of the reason why the border is still open and why there is nothing being done with immigration. Yes it's election time, plays some part to the debate, 'Benjamin' speaks louder than anything else, say security.

    Why is the economy in shambles?

    Inflation due to energy prices, devaluation of the dollar, mortgage disaster. Paying for the war.

    Why is the mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden, still loose?

    he's probably in CIA custody or back in the Saudis.

    Why has the Dem led congress (Pelosi/Reid) betrayed this nation as well?

    In what way ?

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    Why are the borders nonetheless open? much less high priced hard paintings. Say, as a company proprietor might you want to pay your worker, an unlawful, decrease than minimum salary, with none reward, or can not whinge with regard to the workload you putting on him ? or as adversarial to a criminal worker who whines and moans, paid reward and all the stable stuffs you should pay. company want much less high priced, borderline slavery, hard paintings that is between the explanation why the border remains open and why there's no longer something being achieved with immigration. specific that is election time, performs some area to the debate, 'Benjamin' speaks louder than something, say risk-free practices. Why is the economic equipment in shambles? Inflation by way of power fees, devaluation of the greenback, loan disaster. procuring the conflict. Why is the mass murderer, Osama Bin encumbered, nonetheless loose? he's probably in CIA custody or back interior the Saudis. Why has the Dem led congress (Pelosi/Reid) betrayed this us of a as nicely? In what way ?

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    The borders have been open , since the last amnesty, even before then, The Immigration laws that were issued in 1986

    were seldom enforced,. That was 22 years ago, which means none of the other presidents did absolutely nothing to close the border. Why is Bush to blame only?

    Osama could have been in prison today, if Bill Clinton would not have refused the offer that Sudan made to deliver him to our " competent" president. Bill Clinton did absolutely nothing

    against terrorism.

    Oooops, I forgot that He ordered to bomb some type of plant , that turned out to be an ASPIRIN factory.

    So much for Mr Oral office

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    No mystery here. Big business needs a cheap labor force to maximise profits. The cheaper the better. No benifits or health care and no organized labor from the workforce. In order for capitalism to work is necessary to have an underclass of poor people. This is a capitalist society and the capitalists make the rules and reap all the rewards. if you have a job you are not a capitalist you are the capital. Big business and the GOP are one and the same. That and the dupes that think that they are capitalists

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    Because the loss of sovereignty, the breaking down of our national borders is part of the North American Union. This is why the Administration REFUSES to enforce the laws that Congress has passed. Instead our politicians keep trying to pass "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", in other words, AMNESTY for the millions of illegal aliens already here.

    The Democrats are also part of the problem. We need to start looking outside of the Democrat and Republican wings of the Council on Foreign Relations Party for our elected public servants. We need to expose the North American Union, and restore Constitutional government.

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    Bush didn't enforce border security (and actually has a worse enforcement record during his years than Bill Clinton did) because he was trying to pander-to / reach out to hispanic voters.

    The Democrats don't want to enforce border security because immigrants (both illegals poised to get amnesty, and their legal-resident relatives who want an easy way to get their unauthorized family members into the U.S.) tend to register as Democrats, and lack of enforcement just strengthens their Democrat voter-base.

    Congress and Senate members of both parties profit from the lobby groups that want weak border enforcement, so their companies can save money on cheap immigrant labor.

    The economy is in trouble because of corporate lobbying to get what they want, whether it's easy-access credit to maximize profits, easy mortgage finance to maximize profits, open borders and cheap labor to maximize profits, or A"offshoring" jobs and factories to maximize profits. It has snowballed under presidents of both parties, and under congressinal control of both parties.

    Bin Ladin could have been nabbed several times under Clinton, and in Tora Bora (at least once) under W. Bush. We shouldn't have trusted capture of Bin Ladin at Tora Bora to mercenaries (who were paid to be our friends, but also have ties to Bin Ladin), and there are plenty of Taliban and Al Qaeda allies among the Pakistan military who are obstructing U.S. capture in the Pakistan border region.

    The Dems since Nov 2006 are drunk with power, and are likewise appointing the people LEAST likely to clean up our government to the highest positions of the Dem-led Congress, many of whom have already been busted for corruption.

    Source(s): STATE OF EMERGENCY, by Pat Buchanan (on immigration portion of my answer)
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    Those are good questions, I think if Pelosi and Reid were replaced we may have a chance of recovery, but if they stay there no matter who our president is we will be doomed with them in office! Pelosi is just so aweful! She ignores us the people and I think she is a spoiled brat who has to get her way! How she ended up our #3 man or madame is a mystery!

    Borders need to put up! We need to stop those EVIL DRUG DEALERS!

    Where is HEL... IS Bin Laden!!! That is another good one! who they heck is protecting that evil monster!

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    I can not agree more with most of the answers already put forth...Congress has failed us. And McCain will do nothing to help. Obama.?forgetaboutit, we will surely be up the creek (sh..s) without a paddle.

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    Why did my answer get deleted? Everyone in Washington has dropped the ball on this subject.. We need a fence built 20 years ago! I suggest a high voltage fence, filling the Rio Grande River with Crocodiles, and putting in a minefield....

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