I'm gonna be 16 and looking to buy a Honda Civic soon. I wanted to know some affordable upgrades i can put

Any suggestions? Affordable but will help my cars speed and all that good stuff.

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    Kid save your money up to about $14 G's and if you do all the work yourself than you can do big things with your Honda. While you save up research and ask alot of questions about tuning. But if you not patient than go ahead and blow your money on some useless crap and in the future you'll think back and say damn i should have listen to that weird guy on Yahoo that warned me about all this.

    Racing is all about trial and error. Myself when i started racing just give you an example. My EG puts out 736hp to the ground and in one season i went through 3 GSR trannys $650-800 each and 2 sets of driveshaft shop stage 5 axles $1500 per set and unluckily one of them fell out of warranty.

    It just depends on what type of person you are.

    1) The type that looks at what others are doing out at the track and wishing you can be. Equals= (Spectator) OR

    2) Save your money and come out to the race scene hard core that every one in your school would be talking about for years.And go down in your school year book known for smokn fools left and right.

    HEHE Good Luck Kid...

    Source(s): Sorry it was a long answer but i got lil brothers and i helped them do the same thing too when they was your age. Have patience...
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    Get a Si or EX=Otherwise your wasting your money. DX andd LX models are worthless as far as speed! Did you consider a 90-93 Integra? B18a1's are very fast for stock!

    1st- Intake

    2nd- Header

    3rd- Exhaust

    Try either hollowing out your cat or just eliminating it-Its a big horsepower robber!

    As far as cornering goes-

    1st- Lower it

    2nd- Strut tower Bars

    3rd- H brace

    Short shifters dont really help enough to be worth the money, same goes for buying a cpu(viper style). Just upgrade your current ECU

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Honda Fanatic
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