baby is dropped and in postion..but not dilated any!?!?!?


could i start dilating at any time now?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes the above answer was correct. Almost all babies engage (drop) into position in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. Mine has been in the right posi for 15 weeks but yet to drop his head below the pelvis. Apparently it makes it very hard to sit down once they drop. Over 75% of women go past their estimated due date. Its important to realise that its called at EDD because it is only and ESTIMATE so if your bub hasnt come by 40 weeks it is not time to start fretting yet. Studies have shown that there are no more negative outcomes due to them being overcooked if they go up to 2 weeks over. After this time it becomes slightly more dangerous. So if your doc is pressuring you to get induced, get a second opinion as induction carries its own risks. Some women dilate a little in the weeks preceding labor while others barely dilate at all even during labor until transition hits and they suddenly hit 10cms. Its very variable. Don't fret.

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    Oh goodness, dropping doesn't mean anything. It just means that instead of bobbing up in your tummy the head is low in the pelvis instead. Some women can drop at 7 months and then be 2 weeks late. Some women can drop at 39 weeks and deliver a few days later. There's no rules about engagment of the head and dilation. Sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    That was the case with me until the day I went into labor. You're fine.

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