Who is the best white, non-QB player in the NFL?

On Defense or offense...To my mind, Witten comes up for offense and Urlacher for defense, but I could be missing people. What do you guys think?


Adam Bomb: NON-QB!!

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    It's undoubtedly Brian Urlacher. Jason Witten used to be an average TE until last season. Plus I think he is benefitting from the offense than his own offensive talents.

    Brian Urlacher has been one of the if not the best defensive player in the NFL for the past 5, 6 years. He is also not a LB that just tackles. He has a great nose for the QB and he can pick off passes as well. He also has the athleticism to run them back for scores. I think it's Brian Urlacher and there isn't much debate because of his incredible consistency.

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    Defense Urlacher. Offense Hutchinson. In the future, Joe Thomas.

    Source(s): I can't believe no one took a shot at Rex Grossman being white and a non-QB.
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    Lets see....Joe Thomas, Brian Urlacher, Jason Witten, Wes Welker, Joe Jurevicius (he caught more 3rd down passes than anybody in the league)

    the best of them i would have to say is Joe Thomas because he is only going into his second year and they said he may end up being one of the best offensive linemen of all-time....no lie

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    Obviously Urlacher and Witten are great.

    Another player off the top of my head. Kevin Curtis WR Philly. Not the best, but a serviceable WR in a fast WR world.

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    Not that race makes them good players....but these guys are all great players (non QB) and happen to be white:

    Agree with Witten and Urlacher

    John Lynch (has lost a step or two)

    Wes Welker

    Brandon Stokely

    Jared Allen

    Jeff Saturday

    Tony Sheffler

    Jeremy Newberry (j/k - he's injured too much to have an impact)

    That's all I can think of off the cuff, but I'm sure there are a lot of others.

    If I had to pick one, it would probably be Urlacher.

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    1 decade ago

    Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson almost every O-Line man, Brian Urlacher, Wes Welker, Paul Pusluzny there u go.

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    As a Multi-Racial guy, i do not see issues in black and white. If a white operating decrease back is sturdy adequate to make it in the NFL, more beneficial ability to him. the very actuality continues to be that there are not lots of white operating backs. The positions that I see maximum white gamers in the NFL are QB, OL, DL, and LB. It in basic terms is what it truly is. If a white operating decrease back is offered in operating a 4.4 and has tremendous container creative and prescient, he receives drafted extreme because he's a good participant.

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    defensive could be urlacher, but i have to say jared allen. linebackers aren't a factor on every play, especially the deeper pass plays. defensive ends are important on every play. on a pass play, it is their job to make sure the qb doesn't have enough time to throw accurately, and on running plays they have to penetrate and get them in the backfield. if the play goes to the other side, they have to pursue from behind so if the rb slows down for blockers, he can take him down from behind. thats why id say JARED ALLEN.

    offensively, its a bit tougher. jason witten, jeremy shockey, wes welker, and all those guys come to mind. id have to say welker. witten is awesome, and shockey is explosive, but welker led the patriots in receptins. without him, teams would focus and double team moss every play. he is way to quick to be guarded by one guy, and teams cant cover him over the middle unless they focus a safety there. that helps moss a lot, and he wound up with over 1000 yards too.

    the hated jared allen (im a raider fan and he killed us as a chief) and the hated wes welker (i hate all patriots after the tuck rule)

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    I agree with your picks (Witten and Urlacher). But there's receiver Wes Welker, guard Steve Hutchinson, and safety John Lynch, too. But Lynch's age and injuries are catching up to him.

    EDIT: I forgot Kyle Vanden Bosch and Patrick Kerney!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with your picks (Witten and Urlacher). But there's receiver Wes Welker and he is a beast with over 110 catches.he majorly helped the pats go to the superbowl........he is one BAD MAMMMA JAMMMMA

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