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Dreams or seizures? Please help?

OK, every two or three months, I have the same dream. I know I am in my bed and I just feel all of this pressure on my chest and body, but it feels like someone is jerking me around and turning me in circles. I can literally feel my sheets getting tangled up around my body, and I am out of breath. It feels like someone is taking control of my body. Soudns weird, but it scares the crap out of me. When I wake up, I can feel my sheets messed up around me. I usually go back to sleep, cuz after every time, I feel even more exhausted then BEFORE i go to bed in the first place.

I heard that people can have seizures while they sleep. And I dont know if this is one of them or what.

Anyone have this too???? Your opinions please. Thank you.


well see, i have had that stuff happen to me. i would have my lights flicker on and off and my sofa and bed shake. but that was almost two years ago. i moved, and now it only happens every few months. its such an ugly feeling

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    ok call me crazy but you might have a harmful entity. you should get someone out to bless the house, paranormal researchers, whatever; but this may only get worse.

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    never had similiar experience but i think its definately something you should talk to your doctor about...or maybe an exorcist

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