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What's the difference between Bully, Showbred, Gamebred and Razor Edge APBT's?


I'm wondering if there are differences in how they look and maybe even in their temperament and bloodline?

Want to buy an APBT now they are not prohibited anymore in the Netherlands.

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    ok an american bully is completely different from a pitbull razors edge produces american bullies bully breeders call their bullies pitbulls because the majority of the public nev er even heard of an american bully before they are definately not game though their body structure doesnt allow it.

    there is only one american pitbull terrier and that is the american pitbull terrier.

    a game bred pitbull you can find from any reputable breeder. again american bully NOT an american pitbull terrier they were bre with pits to create the breed though.

    an american bully can wiegh from 80 to 100 plus pounds a pitbull 40 to 65 pounds depending on gender over 65 for an american pitbull is pushing it.

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    there is one breed the yank pit bull terrier. A "bully" isn't a breed its a sort of canines AKA bully breeds. Razors part, or so as that they call it american bully isn't something better than a ineffective badly bred DEFORMED mutt! Its no longer a real APBT as its been mixed with APBT, Cane Corso, Bulldog, etc etc etc to create this "cool" risky blend. no longer a real APBT nor breed. Mutt, mongrel BYB bred CRAP!

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    I only know of Razor Edge. A friend has one. He's beautiful but he's 90 pounds at 10 months old. Too big for a Pitbull.

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    A "bully-bred" American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog that is bred to be low to the ground and massive.

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