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Wiill make gorgeous outfits for backto schoool for first 5 girls?

First 5.

this is an an exchange. My bkgd is I like to read style watch (people) and teen vogue. I was fashion editor in 8th grade for the school newspper. I am 15. Tell me what you want and the outfit will be here in 10-15 min. Just be really patient. And fill out this form that I filled out also.

about me:

Heres some about me

I like to shop at : Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Dillards, Macys, Old Navy,

I am: Asian and beige skinned

My body type: Long and lean and petite at the same time

My Style:Girly, Effortless Chic

Colors: Anything that fits my skin tone.

Occasion:I need eiether a summer dress, or summer outfit ( such as a top , shorts, sandals, skirt, sunglasses , hair ties etc ( couple of outfits maybe I could wear into the start of the new school year)

^^ Ffill out the form


no summer outfits i only want back to shcool and maybe pieces i can wear into winter

Update 2:

tooo cute, nikki, thefirst , baylin and blair.

Update 3:

yes ur supposed to nikki, and its going to take a while people so chk back im working on it

Update 5:
Update 6:

sorry no time ill make the rest tomorrow

Update 7:

others- you need to make me an outfit ashis im making yours right now

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