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debbie asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

I have started on Effexor for depression 150mg for about 3 months ; it is not working well and I feel very?

depressed. Iwas on Zoloft, but the Dr changed it to Effexor to help with chronic fatigue. How well do you like it ? Has anyone become more depressed on it? Any info would help. Thanks

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    is it regular effexor or effexor xr. you might want to try the xr (extented release)

    if you have the fatigue feelings and stuff cymbalta helps with that the physical parts of depression

    if you dont have ins or cant afford them you can get them free from the pharm co. look at the websites for me info or get back with me and i can help

    Source(s): i work in a mental health clinic
  • Missy
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    1 decade ago

    If the medication isn't working for you after taking it like you should for three whole months, then how it affected anyone else really doesn't matter. You need to speak up about it and ask for something else.

    Sometimes it takes a little to find the right meds. For me, Effexor was like magic; it helped with anxiety and depression better than prozac or wellbutrin. In fact prozac and wellbutrin hardly did anything at all.

    I've never heard of Effexor being prescribed for "chronic fatigue"... That sounds weird to me.

    And if a medication seems to make you MORE depressed, you need to stop taking it and tell your doctor asap!

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