Will there be a price-drop/ removal of 8GB of the iPod Touch by September '08?

That's when my b-day is and I was curious because I don't want my parents to spend $100 more than they need to.

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    I'm not 100% sure but almost every year around September-October they release a new Ipods. When they do the 16 GB will only cost $300 the 32 GB will cost 400 and the 8 GB wont exist. This is what happens most of the time. Just click the link to see timeline of how long each Ipod model was around for the only one that was around for longer than 2 years is the 5th generation video.

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    They'll probably revamp them a bit ... and drop prices slightly .. they can't drop too low or else they'll be cutting into their iPod Classic Market. 8gb will almost def be cut out since there have been so many complaints that it's not enough storage.

    Their best bet would be to buy it from http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ie=UTF8&loc... since they always have the lowest price on them and there's no sales tax and free shipping. Then they can just go to http://www.priceprotectr.com/ and follow the instructions to protect the purchase ... if the price drops within 30 days of when your iPod ships, they can contact amazon online and they'll automatically refund the difference to their credit card!! And the best part is priceprotectr.com watches it for you and automatically sends an email if the price drops! I've saved hundreds on electronics this year already.

    That way you avoid having them be sold out if and when the price drops ... you'll already surfing the web, watching your shows, or listening to your tunes ... all they'll have to do is click to get the credit ;-)

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    if u buy something at a Best Buy and it goes down within 30 days you can get the money back and for the real answer i would say odds are there will b no removal and i doubt there will be a drop i own one and i would say to buy now probably smartest idea but make sure that u go to best buy

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