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How is Global Warming affecting people around the world?

I would like to know how Global Warming affects people and countries around the world.

This is part of a school project so any input would be greatly appreciated :-)

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    Tell your school that it's liberal and biased and should be shut down for corrupting the minds of children.

    Global warming isn't caused by man and it isn't hurting us!

    *Down with Big Brother*

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    you should first determine whether you are a believer of global warming, since it is only a theory, and has not shown to be a 'fact', then you should make certain that you can show convincing scientific studies that will confirm that 'global warming' is a fact, then, you must attempt to search through the data, using the scientific method, and determine what the cause might be....since it is a theory and not a proven scientific fact, you must then attempt to assign different potential problems and assets to the proposed theory, for example, people living in Labrado, if in fact GW is trye, might like being warmer, you never know...good luck, I hope this helps

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    I would say the following:

    Global warming has led to increased CO2 since temperature drives CO2 concentrations. It has generally warmed since the Little Ice Age around 1700.

    Increased CO2 should theoretically moderate the temperature by increasing the coldest winter and night time temperatures far more than the summer temperatures. This means that plant and animals, especially young one, will survive in greater numers.

    Crops will have longer growing seasons.

    Crops will require less water because increased CO2 will allow them to close their stomatas (spelling?) sooner.

    Fewer people will die of diseases since most diseases are from winter cold where people are couped up indoors.

    Less energy will be required to warm homes in the winter.

    Food will become cheaper as long as not too much is used for fuel.

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    Environmentalists are saying that Global Warming is what is causing the horrible weather that the midwest (Iowa and surrounding areas) have been incountering since this winter. Record snow falls caused many issues with school canceliations and caused more problems with making up days then ever before. The falling percipitation continued into this spring and summer which caused record devestating flooding in Iowa and surrounding areas. For example Cedar Rapids, Iowa encountered a flood that was worse then the predicuted "500" year flood. The local news around here blamed alot of it on Global Warming.

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  • Anonymous
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    Look up Global Terrorism. They are using a fear and if people do not change the world will blow up. I have to help change the world while these people stating Global Warming have $2500 electric bills and driving gas eatting SUVs. I still do not want the world blowing up.

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    Stronger Hurricanes, prolonged stay of the weather phenomena called "El Niño" and "El Niña" in countries such as Chile and the Philippines and now snow in sun bleached areas like Australia are just some of the many things that are affecting the entire world. Food shortages, warmer weather all over and the melting of the polar ice caps that is changing even the migration patterns of some aquatic species. Flash flooding in countries like Bangladesh, India and many south east asian countries have been affected as well. And these are just some of the very many effects of Global warming.

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    In Malaysia we have seen floods all over the country..This is not normal .Land slide are common and many lives are at stake.I The hills came tumbling down Dur to soil erosion..the sea is polluted and the tide rose unusually high.People went about in scorching heat and all building comp laxes put their air condition at full blast and thus created more heat outside buildings.People get irritated easily and fights are common.Crops failed in many parts because of drought or because of flood. The rice fields are often dry and the fish in it die due to lack of water...I Malaysia the weather is no longer predictable..what a shame.

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    Humans have always had to adapt to changes in climate and the weather. You already know the damage that happens from weather events.

    The real story is that economic & political freedom is being threatened by people trying to save the planet, some of whom are crazy.

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    When my dad was little in the 70s, he told me it wouldn't be out the ordinary to get 3 to 4 feet of snow in the winter (in sounthernVA) but now, we barely get 3 to 4 inches

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    I have been looking everywhere trying to answer your question. When I find something I will let you know.

    EDIT-- None of the effects posted above are true-- they are simply restatements of GW fanatics.

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