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what is your most weirdest experience?

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that must be scary stephanie

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    lol the most recent one that i can think of happened like 2 weeks ago. i went to mcd's to get some sweet tea, as i was waiting online lookin at the menu, to see if there was anything else that i wanted, the old guy in front of me said hello so i said hi, he said something like "you look surprized" or something i'm not quite sure but i just nodded and smiled. when i got to the cashier (the old dude was on my right) and i was waitin for my order and he was about to leave. he turns to me and goes "you're gorgeous" i was like "uh thanks..." he was like "no thank you because i get to look" then he started making conversation with me asking me if i came around here alot, if i live around here, blahblah and the part that weirded me out was after alla that he was like "do you mind if i call you sometime" and i was like "no thanks i got a boyfriend" then he asked me if he was bothering/embarassing me... eventually the old guy left. and this was COMPLETELY GROSS. cause the old man was like literally old enough to be my gramps, white hair and all.

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    I was at the mall once, and there was this store with jewelry, and stuff like that. There were also these ties that I thought were meant for girls because they were small and sparkly and they also had pink stripes. Then this sales guy walks over to me when I was looking at them and says "These ties are meant for men to wear, the girls section is over there." I was like what the heck? No guy that I know would wear that! And the "girls" section had these big, fat black and gray ties. Whats up with that? I thought that was really weird.

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