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Starting Motocross?

I am a 15 girl and want to start motocross.

I need to know a ballpark price for all the materials

and bike.

Also I need some pointers on begining and stuff!



I need to learn to ride first too! :)

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    First find a club that is close that has womens classes that you can ride in. www.wheretomx.com or www.dirtwerkz.com. Go along for a race day and watch. Ask some of the other girls what bikes they have so you can get a bike much like the others are racing. The size of the bike also depends upon how big a 15 year old girl you are.

    The price of the bike also depends upon what bike you get and where you live as bike prices vary greatly from country to country. You need all the appropriate bike gear chest guard, kidney belt, gloves, goggles, shin guards, elbow guards, good helmet, boots, pants, jersey, and if you can afford it a leatt brace is a good idea. Go onto a few websites and look up prices as again things vary from where you are in the world as to cost.

    You will also need to be able to get the bike to and from race meets so will need a truck or trailer. there are many other things needed as well that you may not think of like tie downs for the bike and all the things that are needed to race like spare levers and air filters, spark plugs in case you foul one. so you need to get a spares kit together.

    Make sure you talk to the race secretary of the club you join to find out what things you need to do to be able to race as they are different depending upon where in the world you are. Also see if they have a club coach you could get some lessons from.

    Don't attempt to race till you have attended quite a few practice days.

    The country I am in to get a bike decent enough to race all the gear that is needed you would be looking at, at least no less than $6000 or above depending upon whether you buy new or not.

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  • Andrea
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    4 years ago

    The dirt bike depending on what year you want will range anywhere from 6,400- 7,200 (Preferably go with the newest year out such as the new 2010's the Honda CRF250 is great, the new 2010 KX 250f is just as good if not better.) Plus tax, licensing etc will probably be about another 600. The gear incluing jersey,pants and gloves are anywhere from 100-300 depending on brand and design. The boots range from 80-500. Gaerne sg12's are the hottest on the market and the best bang for your buck they have great ankle protection but the best range of movement. The google go for 20-60. Spy's and Scott are the best, foam stays in tact, lenses last quite a while. Helmets range from 100-500. Fox and Shoei make some of the best. I suggest getting a leatt brace which range from 200-600 (the moto gpx sport is the best) Knee Braces are a must you never know how important they are until you end up with messed up knee's. This is a very expensive sport but, the most rewarding. If you want more information on after market parts email me and I'll help you out the best I can.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i deffinatly have to give you congrats for being one of the few girls that do this sport.

    I was in the same boat as you when i was your age.

    With the bike it depends on what kind you want and all.

    If you want help with that email me and i can give you great ideas of pricing and all that.

    for gear really it just depends where you go.

    pants will cost around $80.

    shirts $30.

    boots also depend on the make and where you get them.

    you just really need to look around and see what you can find.

    when you start off you need to learn to turn get in the habit of sticking for foot out and toward the front.

    dont stick it out straight from your side.

    dont worry too much on jumping or even going on the track at first.

    wait till you know how to ride for shur.

    make sure you can turn use your brakes. and all that before taking it out on the track.

    There are so many things i can help you with if you would like.

    just email me i get on just about every day.

    I think it will also help only becuz i was in the same boat not to long ago.

    and im a girl lol.

    but ya just email me at chc_wit_attitude@yahoo.com

    ill help you with anything and evrything.

    trust me lol.

    there is so much to learn but once you do it comes to you like ridding a bike.

    its so much funn.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A chick that wants to ride motocross tracks? thats hot

    All the 08 gear ( helmets, pants, jersey, boots, etc. ) is about to go on sale in about 2 weeks because the 09 gear is coming out. =D Look in the back of the Motocross magazines next month and you will find a bunch on deals from different companies you can go to their website. or just go pick up a Racer X or go to eBay now and check out the deals.

    The 09 bikes are comming out in about a month, soooooo wait to get a 08 or older if you want to get some good deals on new motocross bikes.

    Okay... now for some pointers....

    I'm a fast rider ( If i do say so....) and I HATE it when a beginning rider looks behind, sees me, cuts over on the track to get out of the way, and almost takes me out... >=O

    If you dont want people to curse and give you the ol revenge takeout move stay out of the main line on the track. and just simply hold your line... the faster riders will find away around you... go to the out side of turns, just dont cut across the track to get to the out side. PLAN AHEAD , AND THINK. Good luck, and have fun! =D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bike $5000-$6000 pants $80-$90 shirt $30-$50 boots $130 gloves $25 helmate $200 goggles $25-$100 chest pertecter $70-$140 bike performents parts you dont want to know that list.

    pratice alot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well,here's a list of my gear and the costs.

    AXO boots-$80.00 (on sale)

    Thor chest protector-$100.00

    HJC helmet-$130.00

    Scott goggles-$20.00

    Thor gloves-$15.00



    $345.00 (without tax

    Then,my cousin gave me his old Thor jersey and pants, so those would cost about $110.00 together.

    (BTW,i have a 2006 kx 65 that cost 1300 used with a couple mods and a little 2005 Crf 70 that i got for $450 from a friend!

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  • JMac
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    1 decade ago

    Be prepared to spend $15000-20000 a year racing.

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