Hey Bostonians, tell me about the geart city of BOSTON!?

I have lived in Florida for 11 years & just need a change, so I'm thinking that I will move for grad school. I want a big, young, active city with lots to see & do; lots of history... museums... festivals... parks... ball games...

- What are the pros & cons about the city?

- What's the weather like? It's obviously much colder than Florida but do you get a sense of having the 4 seasons or does it feel like winter all year long?

Even if it is cold is the sky generally blue?

- What about any other factors, like the proximity to anything else?

Another factor is school (for architecture) and also the fact that I am looking to continue with ballet & piano when I go; but I'm sure I will find what I need.

Thanks for the advice!

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    Pros: lots to do, on the ocean, good cultural scene, museums, great student city with the best schools in the country, extensive public transportation / cars not necesary, lots of independently owned businesses, young city but a lot of old buildings and architecture.

    Cons: expensive, can be tough to drive there if you're not used to it, people can be cold and insular (not as much of an issue if you move there for school, though).

    There are 4 seasons. Summer is hot and humid, winter is cold and can be snowy. Spring is warm and fresh, fall is colorful, cool and crisp. Spring and Fall are the best seasons.

    The sky is kind of gray in the winter.

    Boston is a 4 hour bus ride from NYC, about 90 minutes to Providence, 2 hours to Portland -- you can also go by train. And as I mentioned - Boston is on the ocean, so beaches and boats are close by.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When I first moved to Boston, I loved the city so much that I just had to share it with the rest of the world. I was a trolley tour guide.... it's fun to drive tourists around all day! (Then it was time to get a job more related to my graduate field of study.)

    What's not to love about the city? Some reply, "the winters", but if you live IN the city like I did, you don't have to worry so much about the snow and the frigid temps. The city is great about it.

    Here is what I loved most about "the Hub":

    It's the most walkable city in the US. I sold my car because I just didn't need it living in Boston. You can walk to work, to go out, to visit a friend. The layout is so compact. The North End is next to the wharf, which is next to Faneuil Hall, which is next to Government Center and the Financial District, which is next to Chinatown, which is next to the Theatre District and Downtown Crossing, which is next to the Boston Common, which is next to Beacon Hill and the Back Bay. It's all right there. And if the walk is too long for your taste, you simply hop on the T (the MBTA, our subway).

    Second, the history, architecture, and culture is phenomenal. It never gets old. No matter the destination, any given walk somewhere I would pass by at least 8 different major historical landmarks, such as witch hangings, or the site of the Boston Massacre, or the Tea Party Ship, or Paul Revere's house or the church where JFK cast his ballot.

    Third, if you work in the medical field like I do, there are tons of high ranking hospitals loaded with opportunities. Great place to build a resume!

    Next, there is always something going on in the city, whether it's a festival in the North End (Little Italy) or the Boston Marathon, or a parade, or a Red Sox game, or a charity walk of some sort, Shakespeare on the Common, free movies and concerts in the Boston Common or Hatch Shell in the Esplanade along the Charles River, Island tours in Boston Harbor.... I could go on and on.

    Another aspect I loved was that Boston is the youngest city in the US (average age is 28 due to the enormous number of colleges in the area!). In small towns throughout the nation I may have felt like an old maid being unmarried in my twenties, but in Boston, so many people are career-minded and not married. It is a great place to be single!

    Well, those are my top 5 reasons, though the answer could easily have gone on and on until midnight. I had the time of my life there for many years. Good luck!

    Source(s): Boston resident for 8 years
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    Weather: Hah! Its a very hard thing to explain Boston weather. Let's put it this way, in one week about 7 years back, we had a heatwave, a tornado, a snow storm and 1 perfect 78 degree day. That almost sums it up. The winters are generally very cold from January through April. May through June has some warm days, some cold and switch on and off. Late june, july, august and some of septempber are hot and humid. September, october and november are usually cooler, but in recent years it has not been uncommon to be swimming in a pool on october 20, and walking through snow flurries on halloween. Aside from all this, yes the sky is generally blue at mid day.

    I do love Boston though! There are many pros to living here. Of course there are fantastic schools. But there are tons of historical sites, shopping and cultural aspects to the city. You will find lots of piano and ballet classes here. Just do a simple search. There are lots of college and grad students so the city is always bustling at all hours, especially near Mass Ave and Harvard. Boston is also quite close to Providence (with a direct commuter rail line) and a bus to new york will get you there in about 5 hours and cost $40. The cape is just a little ways off... and you can enjoy lots of activities.

    If you like the Red Sox, this is the place for you. I am quite fond of my even recent memories of yankees fans getting bood off of the subway. But even if you are a yankees fan, keep it to yourself and no one will bother you.

    Cons, the weather can get to even the most seasoned bostonian. Rents and real estate are expensive as is the cost of living. Part time jobs can be hard to come by with such a large college crowd and some areas of the city are to be entirely avoided, like dorchester and mattapan. The cops are certainly not friendly and driving in this city is absolutely terrible! But you can get anywhere you want by T or walking.

    I almost forgot one of my favorite things... if you happen to see a large scale prank, its probably the students at MIT. Dont ask, its sort of a thing with them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    pros - younger average age for a big city, primarily because of the large numbers of college students. Excellent mass transit system - you don't need a car at all. Lots of great bars and restaurants, lots of ethnic neighborhoods - Italian, Irish, Asian, etc.. History, hello - Paul Revere, Old North Church, Pilgrims........Best sports town in the whole USA. No hurricanes or tornadoes - that's not to say it couldn't happen it's just very very rare. If you want to go skiing - you can drive up to NH or Maine ski areas in as little as 2 hours. New York city is a four hour drive or you can take the train.

    Cons - expensive to live here, third highest cost of living behind San Francisco and New York city. Parking forgetaboutit. We can get monster storms - NorEasters they call them, that can dump huge amounts of snow or rain. Roads stink because of the weather and large volume of traffic, traffic stinks, politics in MA stinks (look up the Big Dig), MA is probably the most liberal state in the country, if not - NY is and MA is second. The Kennedy's are royalty. To the rest of New England - Massachusetts residents are known as Massholes.

    Weather - it's hot and humid in the summer, the fall is unbelievable - comfortable temperatures plus the leafs changing - it's really the best time of the year, the cold weather starts late December and lasts into April, but the worst of it is January and February. There very much is four seasons. The holiday's in Boston and NY are magic. All in all the sky is blue most of the time, I used to live in the Pacific NW where it was cloudy/misty a lot. It's not like that in Boston.

    The city if full of schools - Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Tufts, Northeastern, Emerson, Berkley School of Music......it's a long list.

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  • 1 decade ago


    big city

    great transportation (the T)

    lots of history

    lots to do

    lots of bars

    young people


    all 4 seasons ( very cold in winter)



    some towns have alot of violence

    fall is usually around (late sept-late nov)

    winter (early dec- middle march)

    Spring ( late march-late may)

    Summer (june-early sept.)

    wat part are u looking for in boston?

    if you need any help, email me.

    Source(s): 21yr old Bostonian
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