Does anyone know if The Bank of New York Mellon is legitimate?

I received a letter from them advising that I have a bond that matured and if I dont send them a w-9 they will turn the money over to Washington Abandoned Property Unit. With ID theft the way it is, I am leary of sending out my personal info.


Thanks for the responses. I just wanted to know if the bank was a legit bank. I did call and felt comfortable. Since I needed to respond by the 1st, I had to move on this right away. The bond is quite old and I dont remember back that far. But instead of sending them the w-9 I told them I lost the original and they need to go through the process of document replacement process. So the ball is in their end.

I dont know if I will be able to select the best answer but thanks again.

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    The Bank of New York Mellon is legitimate. Whether the letter you got from them is real, that is the real question. If it is something that you didn't purchase initially, then there is a very good reason to be suspect. However, you may have had a relative purchase the bond for you without your knowledge.

    One thing you can do is check out their website and find a contact number from that rather than the letter (they should have given you some reference number that you can use). If you take no action and it is real, then it will get turned over to the state and they will contact you in a few years.

    If this came in the regular mail (as opposed to email) then it may be legitimate, since mailing costs money, and there are criminal penalties for using the US Postal System to commit fraud. No guarantee though.

    If this came in the email and you didn't have any dealings with this company before, just delete it and go on with your life.

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    Just go a e-mail from the Bank of Mellon New York ( supposedly). It was a scam claiming I had 10.5M in an account but a currier was unable to deliver my ATM card to access the funds because of lack of information. The e-mail requested all the needed data a steal my identity and bank accounts.

    I would like to have 10 min in a dark ally with these scum bags!

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    If you had any funds owed you by a bank and the State statute for Dormant Accounts had passed they make a last ditch effort to contact you on average about 5 years and then if no response send to the state. If over 5 years have passed they should have sent it to the State Treasurers office as abandoned property. You can search by name on the States site. It would be sent to the state of your last know address. Good Luck! My neighbor just got a scam letter He was sent a check for $3,950 and requested a check for processing fees in the amount of $3,650 LOL

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    BNY/Mellon is legit.Mellon and BNY are due to a recent merger. I would call them personally to get more information before sending in a W-9. The ultimate question is do you know that you have a bond that has matured.

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    only 4

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    r u sure it's not a scam?

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