Bare with me here, i have a question?

Why do religious people don't even understand their own religions and the doctrines of their own scriptures. Whenever i read theologen's understanding of God, it's completely wrong or utterly ignorant.

I don't know about you but mathematicians definitely get math right, Chemists, get chemistry right. Medical experts are pretty damn accurate when it comes to medicine.

Why can't some loser that goes to theology school for 5 years finish and they don't even understand anything. And the list is endless. Do you need examples?

Ex: Christ died on the cross and his resurrection= Means that everyone will also be resurrected and receive their bodies again. And we won't die physically again. Pretty simple concept.


Thats another problem i have. I never really paid attention to other religions until like 2 years ago. So i went to each churches websites and learned about their doctrines. My main issue is it's easy to understand the concepts of other religions or their doctrines even if you don't agree with it. I could tell you exactly what each church believes because they are simple concepts. These theologens can't even explain to you other people's beliefs let alone their own. They do a horrible job representing any other people's beliefs.

Update 2:

Some theologens don't even know what the resurrection is.

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    i know what you mean....

    heres what I think. Though they go to school for 4-5+ years, its a biased study, the kind that science would call a confirmation bias. this is where you already have an answer in your mind before you research and so when you do the research all you see is data that confirm your own beliefs and you ignore, even subconsciously, data that would discredit your initial belief.

    If people would distance themselves from their preconceived notions, and then study religion, there would be fewer arguments on certain topics (ie resurrection). this would even include atheists.

    the idea of the trinity is one that I will never understand, and would post this as another example along with yours. We need a religious Okhams razor!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Math has one answer to solving A problem.....1+1= 2 , A is the begining of the Alphabet...But human interpritations are Vast ...up until 500 years ago.. there was only One Answer to Christianity , the Catholic Church...for 1500 years no one questioned it , then 500 years ago Martin Luther & Calvin .. Both unhappy with the Catholic Church gave their Opinion and there are over 33,000 different Churches claiming true christianity....The Catholic Church still teaches the same Docturin and scriptual understanding it did 2000 years ago ..and all of it's members are in aggrement of this ONE it was taught to them directly thru the Apostles and Past on through the ages... (FACT) The Church has been in exsistance since the very beging (St Ignatus)...also (FACT)...the bible wasn't compiled till around 400 AD. (By the Catholic church)Meaning we Did what we were Told and Taught ..even with out the Bible in print.....It was lead by example..or (On the Job Training so tot speak) If Man did not feel he Knew Better or was Smarter than the men who actually wrote the Bible & Copiled it ...Then we would have only One answer...

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  • 1 decade ago

    You think in this manner mainly because you have not met a man in your life who understands the Bible and actually explain to you what is exactly written there. Theologians could care less about the scriptures and do you know why? They only care about what will sound logical to most people and they are not after the truth that is in the Bible. Clearly, you have not met our Presiding minister... please refer to the website below. Also, please be specific with your accusations. You could say, "Why do some/ Why do most religious ..." instead of what you just used. Why have your question pertain to all religious people when you clearly have not met all of them. Don't you think it's pretty presumptuous on your part? What happened to accuracy, which by the way, is the point of your question, "Lack of accuracy", when you yourself can't even compose an accurate question / statement!? I address this answer to you and to all people like you. This is also a challenge, that before you should demand an accurate answer, please try to ask the right questions first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion everything about religion is subjective..... Everything is subject to interpretation..... Your interpretation of one particular is going to very for someone Else's....If you ask 1000 ppl to intemperate one single scripture you will get 1000 different answers.... although some may coincide to varying degrees there will still be significant differences from each person......Some ppl may think along the same lines but usually if you look carefully there will a divergence on the whole...... Thus.... Everything is SUBJECTIVE to each individual person.......

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    1 decade ago

    People don't often compare scripture with scripture to get at the truth. Some will use one text or even part of a text to make it say what they want it to. If one really earnestly seeks the Bible out for ones self they will all come to know the truth.

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