Can anybody tell me any more info or pictures or links about 'POKEMON PLATINUM'?

I am really excited about the game. Also if you find out any new news can you tell me?

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    Like you I'm very excited about the upcoming pokemon platinum.

    I'm glad to say that there is a website with all the latest information about the game and it gets updates about all pokemon related thing every week.

    here is a list of some new things in platinum.

    It's like pokemon emerald except allot better.

    You can get both dialga and palkia in it.

    And the main pokemon that is featured on the cover and found at spear piller is giratina you will encounter him after beating the galactic boss at spear piller. He will appear in front of you with dialga and palkia behind him and he will take you into a place called the torn world. This is a world what makes the most of the ds's 3d graphics. When you reach giratina in the torn world he will be in his origin form. And he is level 47.

    There is a battle frontier just like in emerald it's located at battle island.

    You can get shaymin sky forme by obtaining the glacidia flower in floaroma town.

    Your character wears a jacket when traveling in the game.

    The GTS is updated to look better inside and out.

    There are 2 new people

    1. A police officer searching for team galactic.

    2. A scientist located in the team galactic hideout.

    Here is the website where you can look up anything about pokemon.

    Hope i helped. : )

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    your best bet for news as it comes is its a pokemon site with ALL info and live chat :)

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    these are only a few sites but they may hold the answer to your question


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