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Atheists united?

Is that a possibility? If it is a possiblity then what of the atheists who do or commit harm? If you are united can you be selective about who can be united with you?

Or it will never happen.


Damn Bitter:

I feel that you are posting honestly, but don't beat yourself up on my account

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    United? Atheists?!



    HAHAHAHAHahahahahahahaha . . .


    Good one, Desi. I think I busted a lung over that.

    Seriously, though. No. I'd rather choke on my own tongue before I "unite" with some of the other atheists out there. Even being one myself, I find many of them to be abrasive, arrogant, and full of themselves. After hanging around R&S too long, think some of the atheists piss me off more than the Christians.

    *cough* *Desiree* *cough*

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    And you will be united in your common lack of faith?

    Personally, I don't really believe in god, but I am reluctant atheist. I used to believe, now I don't. I find evanglical atheists perplexing.

    When atheists organize they tend to want to spread the lack of faith.Then they get really condesending to those who do believe.Reglion might be a set of meaningless rituals in a random universe but what's the harm in that.I wish I had something to shield my eyes from staring into the abyss.

    I know that religious people can be tiresome sometimes but many of them are quite kind. Let's face it, you don't see atheists running soup kitchens.

    Of course, the atheist missionary is going to bring up holy wars, and try to blame all wars on faith. The fact is that 2 of the three worst mass murdering tyrants of the 20th century were atheists.

    Mao and Stalin, both killed millions, and the third Hitler, may have been atheist. Historians disagree. It is certain that he was hostile to Christianity because he felt it made Germans weak.

    In my opinion, atheist missionaries are just as irritating as Evangelical believers.. Both of them end up being condesending and claiming a monoply on the truth. Both of them end up claiming to have absolute proof of something that can't really be nailed down.

    Luckily, organizing atheists is like herding cats because they just don't have a common set of beliefs to bring them together.... Unless they create an ideology like the communists,, and then it can get nasty.

    Fanatical atheists are worse than fanatical believers because the believers ( at least in theory) acknowledge something higher themselves.

    The Spanish Inquisition thought they were serving a god. Mao and Stalin were their own gods. Which is lower? But that is a philosophical question that doesn't matter much when you are walking down the cellar steps never to return.

    Give the faithful a break. When things get really bad, they tend to be the ones who will help you. Stupid as it seems they actually believe they will be rewarded somehow by being generous and kind.

    I like knowing there are a few people like that out there.

    I haven't found an atheist philosophy that can produce that kind of dedication and self-sacrifice. The nearest thing I found was the Roman Stoics. They focus on proper thought,

    good conduct, and coping with what they cannot change. They do talk about God or gods but they do it in a very loose non-dogmatic way.

    Perhaps some of their ideals could be adapted... I believe in the common good. I am sure many of you do as well.

    That might be a place to start.

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    We're already the largest minority in America, and in Europe the majority. But unlike other minority groups, atheists are free thinkers and do not flock behind a leader well, and as a result are comparatively disorganized. I think that will change soon though. Pretty soon we'll start lobbying congress to keep these nut head churches out of the government's business. We won't try to take over the country like these radical Christians though; we just want to build a society open to the principles of science, reason, and secular humanism, with people who can worship whatever God they want if they're religious. In other words, if you have to choose between us, or the Christian fundamentalists, you better choose us.

    Of course we can choose who comes into a group and who stays. I don't understand why that would even be a question.

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    only if michio kaku is our messiah

    after thinking about this for a minute i would like to add this.

    what is the difference between an atheist and a theist? not much, they're both generally irrational in their beliefs. atheists are so busy not believing in a god that they have a tendency to be just as judgmental and brash as some of the theists out there

    /cough **jerry fallwell and christopher hitchens**

    personally i guess i am an agnostic, not because i am wishy washy, but because i don't see any evidence that any religion has their facts straight, or can show any proof that their god(s) exist. at the same time i can not prove that there is no higher power in the universe, especially when you consider the possibility of beings that "might" inhabit in >4 dimensions which is a part of our current scientific theory

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    I think most atheists would rather have "Humanity United". But what would be the point of uniting all atheists together? It didn't work out well for any religion out there, so why would it help atheists at all?

    If you just mean the atheists coming together for discussions, that's different. It's mentally stimulating. But united, as in forming one group together? Why?

    -IMP ;) :)

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    We're united in a lack of a belief in god. That's about as united as we need to be, unless of course our position on the subject is outlawed. Then we'll be united in running like crazy, I guess.

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    Being an atheist has nothing to do with committing harm so I don't see where you're going with this.

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    It will no more happen than Christians becoming of the same mind. Which hasn't happened since the day of Pentecost in the first century.

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    Buddhists are atheists too.

    In Buddhism there is no universal God as a controller.

    Rather there is a universal evil (devil) with whom every one must fight by fighting the temptations arising in one's own body as the body is also created by the devil.

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    The closest thing I can think of would be something along the lines of secular humanism.

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