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How can I get an Eric Johnson sound?

I'm trying to find a setting on my guitar, amp, and pedals to get that clean, warm, and articulate sound kind of like this.

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I have a self customized Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite from the early 90's with a Gibson Burstbucker Pro in the Bridge and a DiMarzzio PAF Joe Satriani in the neck. I have a stock Ibanez Artcore AF 75.

I'm playing through a Fender Super 112 amp, it's bassically the only decent of the red faced amps all tubes with 2 channels co-dependant tone knobs, reverb, presence, and "bright" knob

As for pedals (Wah and loop excluded) I have a:

Boss DD-03 Delay

Boss CH-01 Super Chorus

Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer Reissue

Boss CS-03 Compession Sustainer

Boss AC-03 Acoustic Simulator

If anyone suggests a new pedal or tubes I'm fine but I'm not looking to change guitars or amps.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Eric Johnson uses Fender Stratocaster guitars for the most part. In order to get an "Eric Johnson" sound your best bet is to actually BE Eric Johnson, but if I were you I would just experiment with what you have until you have a sound that YOU like. Don't forget that the sound you hear on You Tube is probably going to be highly inferior to other recordings due to "compression" of the audio (to save server space), so keep that in mind too. The best you can probably do is to use your neck position pickup and set your amp for as clean as you can possibly get it. As for pedals, try looking up Eric Johnson's website and seeing what he uses. Some of those pedals will not be cheap - he can afford the best now. I must also tell you this - even if you had Eric Johnson's guitar and amp and pedals you still won't sound exactly like Eric Johnson because you aren't Eric Johnson. There is nothing wrong with emulating a great tone, but you should find your own for YOU.

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