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Where to buy textbooks ???

As everyone knows, we have to buy textbooks for the coming school year in the summer vacation. However, I have a question to ask.

My school recommends students to buy books at Wai Fat Books & Stationers


However, I find out that the price at Joint Publishing Company is lower than

that of Wai Fat's.

Can anyone tell me the reason?

Have you ever bought textbooks from Joint Publishing Company? Is that nice?

Or can you suggest any book stores that offer discounts more than 10%?

Thank you!

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    1 decade ago
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    I think maybe Wai Fat has all the books that the school wants you to buy.

    if you can find them at Joint Publishing Co., they should be the same.

    if you want even cheaper ones, i think you can search around...

    if you are looking for textbooks that are in shortage, go to chongwa in mongkok.

    for me, usually go to popular and "3 lune", easy to get to and close to me, many branches.

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