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    根據上列網頁所述,游泳池業界估計每天蒸發 1/2 吋到 1 吋是正常的。

    Wow! Who has enough time on their hands to run complicated math formulas. A simple rule of thumb in the pool industry is 1/2" to 1" per day is normal evaporation. Over 1" per day would indicate a considerable amount of splash out or a water leak.

    根據上列網頁所述,在休士頓夏天時,預計每週蒸發 1 吋至 1.5 吋。每週喔。

    Different areas the rate of loss varies, but in Houston, Texas we figure 1" to 1 1/2" per week during the summer.

    根據上列網頁所述,在亞特蘭大中部每天蒸發超過 0.5 吋才要注意。

    Some people don't realize that water evaporation is much greater in the fall then the summer when water temps are high and air temps are cold (especially at night). This will just suck the water right out of the pool. I am sure there are a lot of variable as far as geographic location and humidity levels. In the Mid Atlantic I would consider anything over 1/2" per day the mark to start looking for issues unless you have a heated spa or waterfall etc.

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