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    Today is a sunny auspicious day. As I of the sponsor, the investigation in advance must be done, the ones that hoped everybody can pass in tour that today's collection is collected are happy.

    Basically, we group this is it go to where play with which type does it get, reach collect collection, begin gazing around too impatient to wait right away to belong to. Our tool to ride instead of walk is electronic bicycles, mean age is still less than 16 years old after all! The tour that the collection that began us at last is collected, go to the palace of Wuchang pointed on maps to visit and visit sincerely very much first at first, go sunflower garden pluck sunflower later, expression of everybody seem the real sunshine, have a face feature! Cracking and snapping one, one commemorate bicycle ride more for we journey this time, whom stomach began rumble ask, everybody determine to let a delicious place feed full our stomach carefully, just have strength in the face of the following journey. Having enough after a meal, begin to wind again, we also saw a shell's room in that, there are big and small shells inside, the ones that let people see are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once

    Will come down in a whole day of today, everybody plays hard, but the end of the activity, everybody can also make an appointment and have a holiday to play together next time together, mere this makes me extremely happy

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    Today is a sunny good day. The body for sponsor unit's I, the

    beforehand investigation work is certainly must do, hope today travel

    of everybody Jiji may is happy.

    Basically, which does our this group belong to plays to which type, as

    soon as arrived the Jiji, starts impatiently to look around We ride

    instead of walking the tool are the electrically operated bicycle,

    after all average age also 16 years old!

    Finally started the our travel of Jiji, first first arrives the

    Wuchang palace which on the map refers to have very much sincerely

    breaks off a relationship, went to the sunflower garden to pick the

    sunflower afterwards, everybody expression looked like the real

    sunlight, came the face feature article! 喀, for a we this journey

    many memento, the bicycle has ridden is riding, the belly then started

    rumble rumble to call, everybody decided had to look for a delicious

    place to force-feed our belly well, only then had the strength facing

    the travelling schedule which met down

    started to circle, we also saw

    in that a shell room, inside had big and small the shell, lets too

    beautiful to behold today which the person looked one get down all

    day, everybody played tiredly, but moved final, everybody also will be

    allowed to reach agreement the next time to have a vacation together

    also wants to come out together plays, the light this 1. let me be

    happy extremely


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