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from MARINE reserves to active duty, mos?

if iv'e been in the reserves for a couple of months can I switch to active duty, and if so, can I keep my mos?

0311 to be more specific

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    Just join active if thats what you want to be. There is a great chance of being an 0311. Just don't sign open contract and take the 03 option. Don't worry, more than likely you will get it. They only have so many slots for the other Infantry MOS' and they take volunteers first. If not enough people fill in the slots you still have a great chance of not being picked.

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  • 3 years ago

    the two considered one of you're 17 and sixteen, your substantial precedence must be working/occupation or preparation for you and preparation for her, no longer relationships. i will comprehend which you're "inlove" along with her, yet the two considered one of you're very youthful so the opportunities of it understanding, despite in case you reside or no longer, is extremely narrow. So with that being reported in case you have chose to flow advert and be an MP then do it, if she's supportive great if no longer she's no longer quite worth it. by no skill EVER supply up what you have chose to do purely for some relationship, that's by no skill quite worth it. have confidence me, I found out that the no longer effortless way.. in case you have chose to flow advert you will preserve the relationship, it is going to likely be very no longer effortless yet nonetheless a possibility. Your mom additionally, has no pertaining to this. She'll come to words with it is going to surely. you may desire to flow out into the international and get some existence reports, stay on your very own and grow to be independant. Being independant is great! i understand all of this seems harsh and probaly no longer what you have chose to take heed to, in spite of the undeniable fact that that's actuality. sturdy luck

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    from reserves to active duty sounds like a logical and reasonable progression to me so i say yeah sure why not

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