would i be a good model?

i really wanna be a model but im not sure how to do this. i would also like to know if i would be a good model.

i am 14 years old, 5'7", about 100 pounds, really long legs, brown hair, nothing else really. but, do you think i would be a good model and how do most modeling careers start?

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    5' 7" is exactly the model height expectation. however its not ONLY about how you look-- you also need to know how to work the camera an the catwalk ; ) lol

    a way you can get started is by talking to a modeling agency : )

    however if they ask for money up front-- its more than likely a rip off! maybe get an agent : )

    my cousin actually got contacted by a real modeling agency in KC. Sorry i kind of lost my train of thought lol

    but anyways

    Good Luck hon!

    you can email me also if you have any questions : )

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah you sound pretty good. You'll need to grow a little taller to be a high fashion model (unless you have something really amazing about you that would make people see past your height). A picture would help, though. Most modeling careers start by just getting yourself out there. Do whatever you can to gain experience. Aspiring models will want to get with a good agency. Of course, the other option is to go on America's Next Top Model. Even if you don't win a lot of the contestants get contracts because other agencies discover them while they're on the show.

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    you have 8 years of you body completely changing... i mean your going to look nothing like you do now...

    from your baby fat to your bone structure it will all be entirely different by 22...

    best bet is to start NOW,get professional shots done, build a portfolio and go around to modeling agency you trust that have actually gotten poeple jobs... involve your parents they can help you weed out the freaks... and remember your body will completely change in the next 8 years....

  • muffin
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    sounds good to me. but in the modeling world, you are short. i know that sucks b/c to me 5'7 is tall.lol. eva pigford ( 3rd winner of Americas next top model) was 5'7 1/2 and barely won b/c of her height!! good luck girlY!! have a good day

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  • yeh, DEF!! you TOTALY have the body. you are the perfect criteria match that photographers would want. watch out, models! LOL. um i suggest looking up some modeling agencies and giving them a call. send some pictures and (haha I am sure you will!!) they will tell you whether or not ur accepted. hope i helped!!

    <3 cici :))

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    1 decade ago

    shooooooooooooot sucka! r u aneorexic?!?! im 14, 5'7 1/2 and im 145 lbs! lmao!!! and i dnt looks fat either i jus look normal, lol!! ur rib cages must be showing cuz 100 is skinny for someone who is 5'1!!! lol!! u shuld gain weight first so u dont look like a skeleton! jkkjkjkjk! u would b a good model if u put ur heart into it!!

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    You would be a good model that is exactly what there looking for when you get older go Americas next top model t will be rooting for you

    Source(s): I watch the show
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    depends on how well u can take pictures.

    if ur photogenic, and if u know how to present urself.

    theres A LOT of things u have to know and be able to do to be a model, not just ur body type.

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    From that info, yes.

    Your not incredibly tall... I was your height at 12 haha.

    But if you grow 2 more inches and are STUNNING with an unusual look then okay, go ahead.

    Runway would suit you.

  • 1 decade ago

    your body sounds perfect to b a model. search on the internet

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