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Tylenol PM addictions/oversleeping.?

I have been in severe pain for the past 4 years, since i was 15!

i was unable to sleep because of the excruciating pain, (i have inpingment syndrome, damaged rotaor cuff ect.) i started taking tylenol pm, it knocked me out in 20 min, but it kept me asleep for over 10 hours, i always slept through my alarms, and would be groggy for hours. I have gotten used to this but now i fear i cannot sleep without the tylenol pm, but being overtired all the time is not healthy.

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    i would not keep on takin it. it sounds like u are seriously dependent on it. try a different approach. there is somethin call melatonin(im not sure if that is how it is spelled). its a natural substance and it will help you sleep. i would not keep taking the tylenol though!

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    Umm you've been taking to them to go to sleep for 4 years. Yeah i'd call that an addiction, try sleeping without them and see what happends.

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    well if u want to kill Ur liver keep taking them, just do exercises and it won't bother u i have 1 from a motorcycle acc and it doesn't bother me at all

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