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How do you solve this math problem? Thanks!?

A turbojet flies 50mph faster than an irplane. If a turbojet goes 2000miles in 3hours less time than it takes an airplane to go 28000 miles, find the speed of each plane.

I know the solution should use a quadratic equation, but the equation that i get can't be factored.

Please hep!, thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I'm going to assume you meant 2800 instead of 28000...

    v,j= v,p + 50

    v,p = 2800/t

    v,j = 2000/(t-3) = 2800/t + 50

    2000/(t-3) = (2800 + 50t)/t

    2000t = (t-3)(2800 + 50t)

    2000t = 2800t + 50t² - 8400 - 150t

    2000t = 2650t + 50t² - 8400

    50t² + 650t - 8400 = 0

    t² + 13t - 168 = 0

    t = [-13 ± √(169 + 672)] / 2 = 8

    v,p = 2800/8 = 350 mph

    v,j = 2000/5 = 400 mph

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  • 1 decade ago

    i solved it.. i also obtained an unfactorable quadratic equation, and its your job to check to see if my answers are correct


    Let a be the speed of the airplane and t be the speed of the turbojet.

    t = 50 + a

    t = 2000/((28000/a) - 3)

    Note that the 28000/a is the distance divided by the speed of the airplane, thus that is the time of the airplane. So the time of the turbojet will be the time of the airplane minus 3 as the question states..

    and t the speed of the turbojet becomes 28000 divided by the time..

    Simplifying, we obtain

    t = 2000/((28000 - 3a)/a), t = 2000a/(28000-3a)

    From the first statement, t = 50 +a, so a = t - 50, so replace t-50 into any place you see a, we obtain

    t = 2000(t-50)/(28000-3(t-50))

    t = (2000t-100000)/(28000-3t+150)

    t = (2000t-100000)/(28150-3t)

    28150t-3t^2 = 2000t-100000


    3t^2 - 26150 -100000 = 0

    Now solve using quadratic equation

    I obtained 8720.48908mph as t and discarded the other value since speed cant be negative.

    a = t-50 = 8720.48908-50 = 8670.48908mph..

    thats what i obtained but i might have being wrong somewhere..

    hope this helps

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    let x be the speed of the airplane

    the speed of the turbojet is x+50






    im not sure.. i might have made some calculation mistakes but is this the equation you got?

    you can also try using the quadratic formula


    you can just substitute the a and b and c values to find the x value

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  • Yuman
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Let's define some variables and faithfully translate the problem statements into equations from English.

    Vt: speed of turbojet

    Va: speed of airplane

    T: time for an airplane to go 28000 miles

    Recall V = Distance/Time

    T = D/V

    Vt = Va +50

    T = 28000/Va

    2000/Vt = T-3

    Eliminating T gives

    2000/Vt = 28000/Va -3

    which is the same as

    2000Va = 28000Vt -VaVt

    = 28000(Va+50) -Va(Va+50)

    Then use this

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