help with Microsoft Access 2008?

Are these true or false, what i believe to be the answer is on the side just tell me if im right or wrong plz

Wizards cannot be used to format objects in access databases. false

Compacting a database combines all data in all tables into one database file. true

criteria in queries limit the number of records displayed in query results datasheet. true

Without setting query criteria, access displays all data for all records in associated tables. false

Appending records to a database table is an import action. true

Table design view is the only view from which you can set data types. false

to create a querry using multiple tables, you must create seperate queries. false

to create a form or report using multiple tables, you can use a query as the data source. true

Backing up a database enables you to restore the structure of a database if someone deletes it, but the data is automatically lost. false


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    First MS Access 2008 doesn't exist

    Assuming you mean Access 2007

    >Wizards - There are so many wizards this is tough to answer,

    because the text input wizard can certainly set the data type of the

    columnar data it imports.

    >Compacting a database - when you "delete" records in a database

    they are not actually removed - they are essentially marked "invisible"

    So what compacting a database actually does is remove these "invisible"

    records - resulting in the size of the database going down.

    >Yes query criteria can set the number of rows displayed

    >Access will only display what the query requested

    >Appending records is an INSERT INTO (or select into) action,

    import is for pulling data from external sources

    Table design view - as previously mentioned you can set it

    in wizards, and also by ALTER TABLE sql statements

    >Multiple tables are queried via JOINS

    >qry as data source - true

    >Backup.... False

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