Houston, Texas?

If ya live here tell me where like the town...what do ya think of H-town???

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    First, ignore those two girls who gave nasty answers. They tend to hang out here and whine a lot about Texas, but they don't ever leave, and there is a reason they have "best answer" percentage in the low single digits.

    Now the Climate here is HORRID. Personally though, I'd rather be in 95 degree heat and have a good job than be a comfortable 75 in Michigan and not be able to pay my bills. That being said...it's HOT. Gen. Phil Sheridan said "If I owned both Hell and Texas I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell." Houston was bulit on a swamp, and all the auto exhaust hasn't improved anything. Personally I have sinus and allergy problems most of the year here.

    Also we haven't been hit by a real hurricane in a while, but that is always a possibility, so if you want to move here about WHEN the area you want to move into flooded last. If you are in the Med Center Area ask about "Allison" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical_St... If you didn't flood during Allison, you will be ok...but make sure to ask your realtor.

    Now for the good stuff......

    Houston has JOBS. CNBC just named Texas the best state in Ameirca for business, http://www.cnbc.com/id/25447829 and even though they picked our stuck up sister city Dallas for the picture, everything they say about Texas is true for us, in spades. http://www.houstonjobs.com/

    Also Houston is FREE. As long as you pay your own way, you can do what you want, be what you want, become whatever you want here. There is a very libertarian feel about the city. The Conservatives won't peak into your bedroom and the Liberals won't peek into your gunsafe, as long as you keep your private business to yourself, it stays that way.

    We don't have a lot of taxes here, and we don't have a lot of regulations either. This means our cost of living is about 80% of the national average. Your housing dollar will go farther, but so will your food dollar, your clothing dollar, etc.

    Houston is the largest city in America without zoning... that's part of why I love it.

    Yes I said No Zoning... if the deed restrictions permit it , you can do pretty much whatever you want with your land, once you buy it. I live on a nice residental street inside the loop. Nice yard, trees, good neighbors. Within 6 blocks of my home I have a KFC, Taco Bell, McDonalds, my daughter's pre-school, a model ship museum, two 24 pharmiacies, a gas station, a car repair place, a yuppie foodie supermarket, a nice italian resturant, a pizza place, two sandwhich shops, a Baptist church, a dry cleaners, a liquor store, a 24 hour gym, my son's school, and two banks. There used to be a jazz club, but it got torn down to clear space for one of the banks.

    That's not to say the city is totally walkable... I don't have a sidewalk (it's to hot most of the year), BUT it's not like so many suburbs where it's just tract home, after tract home, after tract home.

    Houston does not have zoning so it is really a collection of different neighborhoods that all get along together. Some neighborhoods are good, some are bad, some are VERY rich, some are quite poor. AS someone said we are a pretty diverse bunch down here. We have a Vietnamese town (Little Siagon, between Downtown and Med Center) a growing Asian (mostly Indian and Pakistani) neighborhood, and other areas...our gay neighborhood is the Montrose area.... if a culture exists anywhere on this planet, Houston has a taste of it.. I used to live in an apartment complex near the Medical Center and I had neighbors from India, Korea, Pakistan, and Estonia all at the same time. ( It was sad when the Estonians moved home because they had become really, really, really good friends with the Pakistani family, and there wasn't a whole lot of chance they were going to run into each other again. )

    All those jobs make Houstonians money, and there is no shortage of ways to spend it. We have the world's largest Church, http://www.lakewood.cc/site/PageServer?pagename=LC... and several others that give it a run for it's money http://www.second.org/global/default.aspx http://www.fotw.org/ http://www.grace.tv/ and we also have a large number of strip clubs that I can't link to here. We have some great shopping http://www.simon.com/mall/default.aspx?ID=805 and http://www.houstonmuseumdistrict.org/default.asp?i... and, I believe more resturants per capita than anywhere else on the planet...(what? you going to turn on your oven in Houston in August when it is 102 out and the air conditioner is already blowing full blast? ) http://www.houston.com/restaurants/ , and parks It has Herman Park http://www.hermannpark.org/, the Zoo, http://www.houstonzoo.org/ and more theater seats than any city besides New York, and the best doctors for at least 4 light years in any direction. http://www.texmedctr.tmc.edu/root/en

    We have tons of festivals...mostly in the summer and fall and winter. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (largest Rodeo on the planet ) is here every winter. http://www.hlsr.com/ It raises money to send kids to college...(Check out the schollarship page http://www.hlsr.com/ed/s/s_faqs.aspx ) AND is the social event of the season... anyone who is anyone volunteers for the rodeo...I"m not kidding....more than 20,000 volunteers put the show together. Ladies who's great grandpappy helped found EXXON MOBIL (and have more money than some of the smaller Yankee states) will vie with each other for the opportunity to serve free bar-B-Q dinners to all comers at the food tent of the Rodeo. You don't see that in LA or New York. It is ALL about raising money for the schollarships...

    Speaking of schollarships

    The schools here vary widely, but personally I think HISD does a great job. You can use this site to check the School a particular house is zoned too. http://dept.houstonisd.org/ab/abcx_tool/... (it is for Houston Schools only, NOT suburbs)

    then go to http://www.chron.com/realestate/

    to see how the school scores on the TAKS (Texas Achievement and Knowlege and Skills) test. This chart also gives you information on the ethnic make up of the school, and (unless it is a magnet school which will draw from all of HISD) the ethnic make up of the neighborhood as well.

    The public schools vary widely by neighborhood...the rich neighborhoods with the involved parents who join the PTA and go to school board meetings...they have world class schools. The poor neighborhoods where academics are not people's #1 priority...their schools can be really really bad. BUT what HISD has done is set up a series of EXCELLENT magnet schools http://hs.houstonisd.org/debakeyhs/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeBakey_High_School_f... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_School_for_Law_E... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_School_for_the_P... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberts_Elementary_Sc... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pin_Oak_Middle_School where, if you are willing to work at it, ANYONE can get a first class education...(check out the free and reduced lunch numbers for some of the magnet schools).

    My wife left High School and there was no money for her to go to college. So she worked her way through community college, then to University of Houston. Along the way she got a Bachelors in Biology, a Masters degree in Chem, a Law Degree, and now she works in hostpital administration in the Med Center and is back in law school (the hospital pays for most of the tuition) getting an advanced law degree called an LLM.http://www.uh.edu/ Incidentally U of H law center has a health law program that routinely beats Harvard Law and Yale Law Center The Health Law & Policy Institute was established in 1978. It is widely regarded as one of the top health law programs in the country. In April 2008, U. S. News & World Report rankings listed the University of Houston’s health law program as #2 in the country – the 11th straight year the program has been ranked among the top 3. http://www.law.uh.edu/healthlaw/

    In Houston you can do ANYTHING if you are willing to do the required work. It is very appropriate that this is the city that sent 12 of its' citizens to the Moon.

    Whoever said we try to be like New York needs to get out more. In my experience if you hear someone say "Well, that's not how it's done in New York" at a store or a resturant in Dallas they might get told "Oh, dear.. let me fix that for you...how would you like it?" If someone said "Well, that's not how it's done in New York" in Houston they would most likely be told "Damm Straight it's not...you're in Texas now sweetie."

    Houston is a city that is very comfortable with itself. All the Yankees hate us and bad mouth us... They say we are bigots because we go to church. They say we are evil because we are the home of the oil industry....they carp and whine all the time about us and our weather, and the polution we make so they can have plastics and gasoline....but strangely enough we are ok with that....(probably because WE won't be spending the winter freezing in the dark.)

    We are who we are, take us or leave us.

    Welcome to Houston! Enjoy!

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    i love it there.

    i lived there when i was younger.

    its nice, a lot of places to go to.

    which obviously means not as much stress.

    people are really nice.

    things are a lot cheaper.

    I'm moving from northern California to east Houston.

    I'm getting married out there as soon as i get there.

    I LOVE IT.

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    its the best city in the world! i love it here! everyone is so nice and friendly, and an added bonus, we have the lowest gas prices in the country!

    Source(s): i live here!!
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    Who the hell cares about New York?

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    its ok but right now its like hell with this dam hot sun

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    it's the 9th best city I've ever been in, but only the second one I can call home.

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    It's too damn HOT in the summer & our summers start in May in end in October. I hate it here!

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    I think it's a boring rathole. They strive to be like NYC, but they will never be. If it wasn't for NYC, they wouldn't have the names of places that they have or the ideas for clubs, etc.

    Source(s): been here 3 yrs.
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