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If the Library of Alexandria did not burn, how much further advanced do you think the human race would be?

or do you think it would not have made a difference?

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    There is a school of thought that says whatever was there would have been suppressed by the Catholic Church anyway. (I read a book last week that said the great library was burned at the order of an archbishop who was later made a saint. But I have been unable to find any corroboration on this.)

    There is no doubt that the amount of knowledge lost was tragic and set back the technological development of mankind hundreds of years. For example, the Minoans had harnessed geothermal energy and had hot and cold running water and showers in their homes on Thera. This was 400 years before the seige of Troy.

    If the library's contents had not been destroyed, it is conceivable that the technology we have today could have existed at the time of Napoleon. The dark ages may have been a time of growing enlightenment, and the Plato ideal of republican government could have displaced monarchies centuries earlier than it actually happened. Knowledge of mediciine could have advanced to a point where the black death of the 14th century may have been much less severe. Settling of the Americas at the time of Charlemagne could have prevented the wholesale slaughter of the American Indians by the Spaniards.

    However, the character of man is what it is, and we should not asssume that we would be living in a world of harmony and peace. Not all technology has been used in constructive ways, right? How would the world have been if Attilla the Hun had tanks and battleships?

    Anyway, my opinion is that you could move us forward two to three hundred years. Colonies on Mars. Life spans approaching 200 years. Food enough to feed the planet.

    It's all speculation, of course. Catherine the Great with nuclear weapons? We may not even exist today.

    Interesting question.

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    It would not have made a difference. The library of Alexandria was excellent and had the largest single collection in the world at the time. However, it did not contain unique works, it was all available in other places for the most part. The Dark Ages had much more effect on humanity's development. Many discoveries were destroyed and knowledge suppressed or lost because it was contrary to the church in some way. Superstition and dogma overshadowed reason and logic for a very long time.

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    it don't have made a large difference. The library of Alexandria replaced into impressive and had the biggest unmarried series in the global on the time. in spite of the indisputable fact that, it did not comprise unique works, it replaced into all accessible in different places for the most section. The darkish a even as had a lot more beneficial result on humanity's progression. Many discoveries were destroyed and expertise suppressed or lost because it replaced into opposite to the church no longer rapidly. Superstition and dogma overshadowed reason and good judgment for a lengthy time period.

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    Tricky one. If the Roman empire had survived would we now be going to the stars? Who knows? But what I do know is that the utter stupidity, on the part of our leaders both political and religious, has held back the human race for millennium.

    Yes the burning of the library was an act of total folly. The scripts there could have advanced our civilization immensely.

    Beware of book burners. The last one was Adolf Hitler!!!!

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    I think that the World would be more advanced. The history of the world would be more open. Some of the scrolls in the Library where from Rome, Egypt and some Greek. The scrolls would also give clues to the hieroglyphs in the pyramids and temples. This leading to a greater understanding of Ancient Egpyt. So we could also learn from the history of Ancient Egpyt.

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    1. If the library had not burned, there likely would have been some other calamuty which would have occured.

    2. Besides, I do not think that we would be much further advanced than we are now: our advancement is at the mercy of technological advancement.

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    Me and my cousins spent a weekend discussing ancient places and events and knowledge a couple months back.

    I believe yes, the human race...especially Western civilization as we know it, would be tremendously advanced. For instance, just on the basis of architecture alone, there are several examples of stonework that should not be possible. I'm referring to the tremendous blocks at Baalbek for example.

    Yes, many things on engineering,cultural and governmental affairs as well.

    Source(s): And...I believe...that ultimately it was the Lord who orchestrated the events to happen that way. Apparently, modern man was not meant to know those things.
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    i do not think that we would have advanded much at all...if anything the disaster motivated us to push forward......anyhow the dark ages would have still occured putting a temporary block on the advances of human technology and intelligent thought

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