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How do you make perfume last longer.....?

I have Escada moon sparkle perfume and love the smell but it comes off so fast! Other than buying the lotion how can you make the smell last longer?

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    Spread on a really thin layer of Vaseline before applying your perfume - it prevents evaporation and makes the smell last much longer. I live in a desert and this works for me.

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    Actually perfume lasts for a pretty long time. You just can't smell it because you've become desensitied from smelling it all day. Thats why so many people make the mistake of putting on more perfume every hour and basically suffucating anyone within 10 feet of them.

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    I didn't know how to do this either, until I read an article in Seventeen. It said to spray it on your hair. Also, don't rub the perfume in. That causes the perfume to, well, last for a shorter amount of time then it normally would.

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    Spray perfume on your skin right after you come out of the shower when your skin is still damp [on the neck, wrists and any pulse area]. It helps lock in the scent. Or, if you don't mind spraying any in your hair, that works as well. Put some in your lotion..

    Or, you can spray on the back of your knees, so people smell it when you walk by. Although, the scent would probably go away faster... Just keep spraying yourself when you think the scent is dying down, on places where you haven't sprayed yet. This will work, trust me :] Hope I helped, and sorry if I didn't! ♥

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    ok- ive heard spraying it in your hair is good, as is the vaseline. Most important is making sure you don't rub your wrists together when you first spray it on- if you have 2, dab it. Because rubbing it together releases the alcohol smell which masks the fragerance. The more expensive the perfume, the more it will last. and also remember that just because you can't smell it, doesnt mean that no-one can. (we get used to the smell of our own perfume). hope that helps!!

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    there are two types, the oud de toillete (or something) this is made with water,.. will not last as long.. then there is the Parfume this is made with essential oils instead of water, so it stays on longer, but its a bit more expensive. now heres the trick, only apply to the veins.. the pulse from your neck, wrist and the inside of your elbows will heat up the fragrance (like a candle does, its the heat that gets the smell out there)

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    make sure its good pefume....every kind is different w/ how long it lasts

    you can use an everyday mosturizing lotion (non-scented) before you spray yourself w/ perfume. Spray on the insides of your arms...but dont rub them together (its a misconception) A lady at the department store told me it will keep the scent longer

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    Spray your hair and clothes so it lasts longer. Another note: You get used to the smell so you don't smell it but other people do. I spray Emporio Armani: Diamonds in the morning at later in the afternoon people tell me I smell great. Even though my 9:00AM I can't even smell it. So chances are even though you cant smell still smell great you're just used to it.

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    Yes in the hair works good.I have the same perfume also. and spray it in the body too.. not just my clothes. but the main secret if u use body wash put some in the bottle. so when u take a shower or bath.. and use the soap it work all perfume...

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    i think youd be surprised how long perfume actually lasts. i mean i know it fades but one time i sprayed my neck at like 7 in the morning and at like 6 at night i hugged a guy and he was like dang you smell good. and it wasnt a strong perfume.

    i guess you could do what the other girls said..spray it in your hair..which kinda sounds ridiculous but i guess it might work


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