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how do you buy online?

what do you need visa, mastercard etc?

N.B. i'm 17, so will i be able to.

what sites are best to buy online? (in the UK)..


i have a northern bank credit card by the way.

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    Well, naturally you're going to need some sort of credit card. A very good thing you can do is sign up with PayPal. A lot of sites accept payment from them, and it's a site that wires money from your credit or debt card account to the person. They person doesn't see any info, and PayPal is virtually unhackable.

    I always use eBay for anything I want first. After that, I go to big chain stores' websites (such as Target).

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    Most online stores accept any major credit card... Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

    Some websites also allow you to pay with paypal which can be hooked up to make payments straight from your bank account or credit card.

    As for websites... it really depends on what you are trying to buy. Ebay is an awesome place to get stuff for cheap. but make sure they ship to the UK before bidding on anything!

    Source(s): Me. I buy like 50 things a week online lol
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