Is being Clever and Being Smart two different things?

I believe being clever, is the ability to be resourceful, using what u have been provided with to make ur living better and being able to generate what u need in an able way. Being smart to me is being bok wise and intelligent, your views?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yup. clever is when its learned and then used to your power. being smart is the use of common sense. Usually clever people lack common sense i.e they seem to go beyond to another level where majority of society are not aware of and therefore, don't understand them. Not good when they are made to socialise with the norm. Thats what i've noticed, thats all. People who are smart are the real deal. if you see people like Alan Sugar etc. They dont have degrees or qualifications yet are able to make lots of money through common sense and ideas. Smart huh? you dont have to be clever to be smart.

  • 1 decade ago

    To me being clever is as you say: using the resources around you. But it doesn't include looking ahead to see the outcome of something. Being smart to be is seeing the consequences, weighing them up before you make a decision about something - and being really smart is knowing when to jump and when not to.

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