3.0L MFI V6 Timing mark Question please?

I am aware that the top two cam marks point upward in line with the metal plate mark above each cam gear. The lower balancer pully has a large bolt I cannot break loose nomatter everything I've tried, now I'm unsure which way I should be loosening it...anyway after I remove outer pully of several small bolts, there is a smaller black round magneto like thing just before the gear the timing belt goes over. This has a larger mark as well, a big indentation hole like shape, can I go by this mark to line up timing, if I cannot get the bolt to come out, or do I need the mark on the Timing gear behind this itself?


Mitsubishi Motor

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are referring to a SOHC 3.0 V-6, you should be able to use the starter to break loose the bolt, simply position the breaker bar against the frame so when to crank the engine it pushes against the frame and the bolt will break loose. don't try to hold it you will only hurt yourself, this works well when you are working on any engine that turns clockwise, Don't you Honda boys try it, your engines run backwards!!!

    Source(s): ASE Master certified 16 yrs.
  • 1 decade ago

    It would help if you would identify which company's engine you are asking about.

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