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Is NIcole kidman's ethnicity australian or american..?

is she australian or is seh just liveing

basicaly are both her mom and dad australian? or where are they from..

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    She is an American...even though she was born to Australian parents, her being born in Hawaii in 1967 makes her an American.

    She also has Australian Citizenship because she applied for it, and would automatically have American Citizenship.

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    Nicole Kidman Ethnicity

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    Her parents are Australians. She was born Nicole Mary Kidman 20 June 1967(age 41), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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    Born in Australia., Parents are Australian. Makes her Australian.

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    Australian. She's Australia's most famous A lister!

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    I would think the only people who would resent a foreigner "taking away jobs" in Hollywood would be other Hollywood actors. For the most part, the general American public sees a celebrity as a celebrity, and doesn't obsess too much about where they're from.

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    yes, her parents are both australian. she is australia but lives in nashville. she is a citizen of both australia and america. (i did a report on her) if u have any questions about nicole kidman ask me!

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    shes a fellow australian

    (even though im not australian but i soo wish i was)

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