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Anyone buy clothes from The Children's Place?

I was just browsing online, and I noticed they have great prices. (I never went in there because I always thought it was an expensive store, more like Gymboree.) How is the quality? I usually get my kids' clothes from Old Navy and Target, and I'm usually pleased with the quality of those clothes. Baby Gap has actually disappointed me the last 2 years. Nothing has been washing well... shirts are fading, and sweaters are balling up. I was just curious. I'm always looking for decent quality at a good price.

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    Yes - I shop there frequently for my seven year old daughter and our baby. The quality is pretty good - probably better than Old Navy, I'd say (Although I do love Old Navy).

    Another store that actually IS a "sister store" of Gymboree but without the expensive prices is called Crazy8 - Check them out, too:

    P.S. Before I do any online shopping, I always browse the web for coupons. I found a few coupons for Children's Place for you:

    Check this site for the codes (15% percent off):

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    Children's place rocks!!!! I will only buy my sons jeans from there because of the quality. They have a great card too, if you sign up for, you get 10% of your first purchase, and then once you buy 250 dollars in total you get 10% off for the rest of the year.

    I love their stuff. I have nothing but good things to say about that store, except I wish they had shipping to canada.

    Everything washes well, no fading. Cute stuff for boys and girls. They aren't any more expensive then Old Navy.

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    Children's Place has great quality clothing. It is as good as Gymboree and Osh Kosh. Some things are quite expensive, but they always have the BEST sales. When they put things on sale, it's really on sale. Shirts for a dollar, shorts for $3... I love to shop at Children's Place.

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    Their quality is great. They wash very well and nothing I have bought from there has faded and some of it is two year old hand me downs for my younger son. I don't buy a lot of things from there, but they do hold up well.

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    The Children's Place is great! Reasonable prices, and good quality. I am very pleased with the way they wash up, and need little, to no ironing.

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    I shop their online clearance section for my girls all the time I love the clothes, in fact my little one is wearing her sister's clothes I bought there last summer and they are still good. Great quality.

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    I buy a lot of clothes from The Children's place and their quality is excellent.

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    i love children's place

    good prices for great quality

    my daughter got a bunch of clothes there last year and since she hasnt grown much she can still wear alot of them

    also they go by weight not just age which is very helpful to me as my daughter is small

  • I do. I am usually happy with their clothing. I like Old Navy the best though.

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