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Hello, Im going to lanzarote (Puerto Del Carmen) for 2 weeks (all inclusive)?

Im just wondering, How much spending money would I need to bring with me? Im not sure how much ill be going out.


I plan on goin to a waterpark, That's it probably.

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    I stayed in an all inclusive recently in Puerto del Carmen.

    Be prepared to eat out as the place i stayed at had a repetitive menu and the food was not nice (there was purple soup and green custard!!!). Hopefully your hotel will be of better standard.

    Entertainment at the hotel was pretty lame too so i spent every night drinking on the parade and spending around 40 euros per night

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    if its all inclusive and you plan to stay by your hotel you wil need money for things like duty free etc,drinks outside hotel complex,i would say 1000 euros or maybe less,do you plan to go to waterparks,banana boats ets,they can be pricey

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