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pokemon pearl tm earthquake?

SO I have one tm earthquake, but I'm wondering who should I give it to metagross or salamence, and could you explain why?

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    I would teach it to your Metagross. My reasoning is based off of their individual weaknesses; Metagross is only weak to Fire and Ground types, while Salamance is weak against Ice, Rock, and Dragon types. Besides, if you combine such a move with Meteor Mash (Learned at Level 53), Rock Polish (TM 69), and Stealth Rock (TM 76), you'd have a pretty nice Metagross on your hands with a solid strategy as well.

    Earthquake has a 100 accuracy, with a 100 base attack, easily making it one of the best non-recoil Ground type attack. Meteor Mash is a Steel type attack with an 85 accuracy, but a 100 base attack and the chance of raising your Attack stat. While its accuracy suffers, the chance of raising your Attack stat makes it very desireable; if it /does/ raise the Attack stat, then your Meteor Mash move will have a raise in base attack. Rock Polish is a stat enhancing move that raises your Pokemon's Speed stat, which is very important with the more bulky Steel/Rock/Ground types that tend to be very slow. And last is Stealth Rock, a move which hurts your opponents Pokemon every time they switch out. This move gets stronger the more the opponent switches out; if they do it enough, it could well wipe out half of your opponent's HP.

    Hope this helped, and good luck! =D

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    Give it to Metagross, because if you are in a Double Battle with Metegross and Salamence and if Metagross uses Earthquake it won't hurt him, because he's the one who used it, and it won't hurt Salamence, because he is a Flying Type Pokemon.

    But if Salamence uses it, it will be Super Effective to Metagross and there's a pretty good chance he'll faint because of Salamence's great Attack Stat.

    I know, maybe you won't participate in Double Battles, but you never know.

    If you're just focusing on who has the grater Attack Stat, they both have the same.

    Hope I really helped.

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    Metagross, I can't explain why, but I think it would be better if you teach it Metagross. Or you can wait till you have a Pokemon that really needs earthquake.

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    well wich one do you like more???? i would say metagross if i had to chose because salamence can learn draco metorite witch is really good. and if you are doing a double battle and salamance had earthquake metagross would get badly damaged and well. but if metagross had it does not effect salamance.

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    give it to metagross. salamance is a dragon type and is beter known for special attacks. Teach salamance ice beam, draco meteor, dragon pulse, and fly.

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