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Buying a 2001 Ford Escape XLT, want to update the outside and inside a little bit, what can I do?

This is my first car and just bought it yesterday. It was an awesome price with low mileage so I went after this one instead of the more updated 05 which I liked better but oh well. What are some little things that I can do to update the look both inside and outside? I am buying the xenon headlights, maybe a grille guard and I'm not sure what else. Any ideas?

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    =go to any of your retail auto parts stores and look thru their catalogs=lots of nice stuff for your truck=also check out your local ford dealer and see where they buy their aftermarket accesories=

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    Never trust a car salesman! They are paid on commission.Always ask to test drive a car and take it straight to a mechanic to have it looked at and always run carfax.If they refuse leave then.Cause there is a reason they dont want to. I know you have to pay a little more at a buy here/pay here car lot but they usually will finance anyone and most do carfax on car and have ready to show it to you if you ask and some will volunteer this info. Buying a used car is tricky,but if you find the right place(not dealership!)then usually you will do ok.The deal on the Ford Escape RUN as fast as you can.Don't do business with this person.He sounds a little shady.

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