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rear wheel problem on Airlite 200..?

Well, not exactly a fault with the product,

but basically within 3 days of buying the bike, i hit a pothole. the rear wheel is buckled and has a flatspot in it now, and it isnt under warantee or guarantee etc.

I was just wondering, is there any bike shops near grimsby that will stock a 700c rear wheel? or is it possible to remove the flatspot and buckle?

I guess it is kinda my fault for flying down the hill doing about 40mph :S

Thanks in anticipation,



* I meant warranty, what a stupid spelling error :|

Update 2:

ah yes - the one opposite b&q :) lol thanks.

Update 3:

yeah - to be fair I can't really be bothered to fix it - i'd rather just buy a new one knowing that i wouldnt have to worry about making a balls up of fixing the buckled one

Update 4:

i just took a look on the halfords website and it appears they dont stock any wheels apart from a MTB set which isn't what i'm after :/ would they perhaps be able to like order one in for me? or should i just go and have a look, as the online shop may be misleading as to the stock of each individual shop?

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    700c rear wheels will be found in any bike shop- they're a very common size and I've just checked Halford's website and there's one in Grimsby. Wheels can be fixed with the proper tools but a new wheel isn't too expensive so it depends if you want the time and hassle of fixing it or the convenience of just buying a new wheel which is what I would usually do.

    Edit- I'd be surprised if they don't have them in stock in their shop. My local Halfords stocks everything from racing wheels to MTB wheels and their range is a lot more extensive than what they have advertised on their website. As a last resort the following website definitely has every size of wheel.

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