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If Latter-day Saints knew the extent of church holdings in Eli Lilly, would a class action lawsuit result?

If a window repair shop breaks windows at night, (Ventura) or a tow truck owner throws nails on a freeway near his town (St. George), isn't it the same...if a church generates depression in its membership and yet profits by it, thanks to owning stock in the most popular seller of drugs used by Mormons in Utah?

Shouldn't the Grand Jury be allowed this data? Why is it being insulated from the truth? If false, why is the paperwork being kept from them?

Must researchers always spill the beans directly to the public?




Should the Saints respectfully demand a full audit of church owned stock? Of what Corporate Boards that the mid and upper managers serve on?

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    After researching for a while, the only link I could find between Eli Lilly and the LDS church was that one of the head-honcho's at Eli Lilly happens to be Mormon. That in no way shows that the church owns the company or stock in it.

    Please provide a source that has proof that the LDS church own stocks or admit that you are simply trying to stir the pot by spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

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    if the laws are changed,

    and the vatican does the same,

    and all other not for profit organizations that operate in the USA

    churches included,environmental groups, hospitals etc

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