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2003 asked in 科學及數學化學 · 1 decade ago

s character in bond

CH bond in benzene has a higher s character, thus has more effective overlap. The bond pairs of e- in CH bond in benzene is held closer to the nuclei.

Why higher s character, more effective overlap and e- held closer ot nuclei?

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  • 莫愁
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    1 decade ago
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    This can be explained in form of hybridization. Study the following data


    For sp hybridization, s character is 50% while p character is also 50%

    For sp2 hybridization, s character is 33% while p character is also 67%

    For sp3 hybridization, s character is 25% while p character is also 75%

    For both sp and sp2 hybridization, they have more s character comparing p

    character. This implies, more electrons from s will be close(接近) to nucleus.

    This is due to the penetrating effect, which indicates s orbital having a greater

    chance to move towards the nucleus than that of p- and d- orbital!

    In the light of a general principle, the closer the distance between the electron density (provided by s) and nucleus /nuclei, the stronger is the electron -

    nuclei/nucleus attraction. And the stronger is the bond energy.

    As benzene, each carbon is sp2 hybridized. This signifies each of them has a

    higher s character than p. Hence the electron - nuclei/nucleus attraction is

    strong. This also means their overlaps are also effective.

    Give you a question to think about:

    For sp3 hybridization, such as methyl group, is considered as electron

    donatinggroup. Why?

    Check mail for the answer to this question.

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