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? asked in 科學及數學生物學 · 1 decade ago

all of you agree no race called a Malaysian or a Singaporea

There is no race called a Malaysian or a Singaporean when comes to talk about one's descent. We are either a Chinese, a Malay, an Indian, a Eurasian (mix of two different races) or a Caucasian. So which race are you referring to? " do you agree?" Is it really true?

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    Race and ethnic groups are tracing a group of related people decended from a common ascestry.

    If you ask my opinion, Malay isn't a race either.

    Races are some people that are separated with distinct physical features: eye colour, skin colour, facial features like shape of noses, eyes, etc. There are not many races of humans, mainly Caucasian [the whites], Mongoloids [the yellows] and Negroids [the blacks]. Smaller races like Polynesian[pacific islander], Bushmen[african], Esquimaux[north polar]. No race is Malaysian or Singaporean. Neither Malay, Chinese nor Indian.

    What you were trying to refer to with Malay or Chinese is [Ethnicity / Ethnic group]. You can have many more ethnic groups than races.

    Try here:

    [In some cases, especially involving transnational migration, or colonial expansion, ethnicity is linked to nationality. ]

    In your case, Malay is an ethnic group in Singapore, so do Chinese and Indian. But it is meaningless to say you are a Chinese when you are in China. You may refer yourself as Han, Manchu, Mongol or Tibetan. These are ethnic groups in China. It really depend on the context of what you refer the person to, then you can say if Chinese is a nationality or an ethnic group.

    In China, since the largest ethnic group is Han, when we say [Chinese] group in other country is usually refering to the Han group. However, Singaporean is a nationality but not regarded as an ethnic group, because there is no single dominant ethnic group in Singapore.

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    By the way, your definition of [Eurasian] is neither a race nor ethnic group. It is mixed, which means, you cannot trace genealogy with a group of mixed origin. We can trace an ethnic group living at the border of Europe and Asia and define them as Eurasian.

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    But not the definition of yours, where a [true] European married someone in Asia and call their descendants Eurasian. How about an Austrian marrying a Tibetan, or an Italian marrying an Indian? You cannot put the decendants of these two marriages into a group.

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    A last point to note here, is that the definition of race and ethnicity varies over time and places. It is something of debate over the centuries. Above are my own opinions only. It may take a lifetime of research and still not reaching a consenses among people.

    Source(s): My own ideas. I typed them, not copied them.
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