Yahoo Messenger!?

okay, i uninstalled yahoo messenger 9 because there was some problem to it. as i uninstalled it ofcourse there'll be a change in the registry right, so the SPYBOT SEARCH &DESTROY TEA TIMER asked me if i'm going to allow the change with ctfmon.exe. I think i got confused with the info, I clicked DENY ACCESS i thought it was a spyware. So when I was going to delete the YAHOO MESSENGER folder, i can't delete it because "other program is using it"....and now i'm stuck to that. Does it have something to do with ctfmon.exe? I just deleted the contents of the messenger folder but i think that it's not enough if the folder is still there.

What should I do?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    try to close spybot program by right clicking it and select the quit or exit option.

    Then try to remove the folder.

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